The Russian "Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon" instantly made the aircraft out of control with a range of 10 kilometers

Russian defense industry sources revealed that the electromagnetic pulse cannon under study can use strong electromagnetic pulses to make the target's electronic system malfunction and easily shoot down the UAV in the air, with a range of 10 kilometers.

The Defense Blog (Defence-Blog) reported that sources said that since 2015, Russian military research units have been conducting EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse, Electromagnetic Pulse) weapons tests, with good results, and continue to increase power. A new generation of EMP artillery has been tested this spring, and its effectiveness against aerial targets is 7-8 kilometers, with a maximum range of 10 kilometers. One of the sources said that the range of EMP weapons originally thought not to exceed 1 to 2 kilometers, and the current results are unimaginable in the past.

The official Russian color TASS said: "The electromagnetic pulse wave lasted less than a second to the target aircraft, and the aircraft 10 kilometers away was seen out of control and crashed. The effect was almost instantaneous and propagated to the target at the speed of light."

During the test, the electromagnetic pulse gun is also effective for destroying ground equipment, which can paralyze electrically driven equipment. Most of the current drones are electric, so they are also very effective. The R&D staff also said that the main problem of this weapon is that it needs to supply a large amount of energy, at least a huge generator to supply power, so the more practical method is to fix the position.

According to sources, EMP weapons are not the same as radio interference. Radio interference is to disrupt the electronic signals and not cause damage to the equipment. In contrast, the EMP gun is a powerful electron flow that rushes into the electronic equipment, which is an irreparable physical damage.

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