The sad and happy life in the music app reviews

1. The comment to open the music app is like Linghu Chong opened the door of the secret room on the cliff, like Wang Taoist opened the Dunhuang Tibetan scripture cave. For me, it is like opening a strange new world. After the song "California Hotel" alone, there were more than 40,000 comments.

2. Countless people, behind an old song that once touched their emotions, left a love for singers and lyrics. They seem to be the old friends of these singers, and they share their stories and the emotions in the songs.

3. The comments in these music apps are full of flavors in life, and they are mixed with each other.

I have always liked the "Hotel California" of the Eagles. I often listen to it when I am upset. The new headphones I bought last night arrived, and I opened the "Hotel California" in the APP.

I have never heard this song many times, but I have never opened a comment. Because of my confusion, I did not find out until last night that it turned out that there were comments behind every song in the music app.

I don't know how to open the comment area as soon as my hand slides.

This slide, um, like Linghu Chong opened the door of the secret room on the cliff, like the Wang Taoist opened the Dunhuang Tibetan scripture cave. For me, it is like opening a strange new world. After the song "California Hotel" alone, there were more than 40,000 comments.

The first comment that aroused my interest was written by the "suspect X_". I don’t know if he is a man or a woman. See what the comments mean, let’s just consider it a man.

"Suspect X_" wrote his high school head teacher in the comment section. A teacher in a county town, after a drunk, gave "California Hotel" to a group of bearless students. This group of adolescent students is restless and eager to rush out of the classroom and go home early, and no one listens to the story of the distant "Hotel California".

Perhaps because of drunkenness, the head teacher did not mean to leave, nor did he mean to let the students go, so he stared at the screen so stubbornly, dreaming of his "California Hotel".

After reading this comment, it is easy to fill in the image of a less-than-satisfied county teacher. He is thin and silent. Like the gloomy young people in the town described by Lu Xun, he has no common language with the people in the small county. In "California Hotel", his dreams in his youth may be released.

He also thought about driving an old-style off-road vehicle, stopping all the way, looking at the sunset, chasing the dream inlaid with rose gold. When he was thirsty, he took out a can of cold beer from the trunk and sipped it in the sunset and sand. Tired, staying in a Texas hotel or Shazhou hotel, lit a bonfire and talked to the boss. The boss' young daughter raised a pair of clear water eyes and looked at him...

But years have already ground him into a desolate, middle-aged man who was imprisoned between books and blackboard all day. It's not that the days of teaching in the county town are so disgusting, but it may just be a bit far from your ideals in life.

Those days with long hair fluttering and fresh clothes and angry horses are only left in the "California Hotel".

A few years later, a bear child who wanted to flee in the classroom that year, has now reached the age of the class teacher. I have eaten the bitterness of life a little bit, and my dreams have been worn away a little bit. When I heard this song, I suddenly understood the depression and sorrow of the head teacher that night.

A thigh shot instantly reached reconciliation with the class teacher's life.


I then changed a few more songs and continued to read, there are too many comments, warm and sad. Countless people left a love for singers and lyrics behind an old song that once touched their emotions. They seem to be the old friends of these singers, and they share their stories and the emotions in the songs.

More people have left their own life stories.

There are several such messages behind "Casablanca":

Especially the one who makes international flights. She said, "Every time I find someone going to this city, I envy, and I can naturally think of this melody. When can I go to Casablanca once!"

This may be a young girl, with a girl's longing and desire for love and unknown life. Sitting in front of the computer every day, repeating simple, monotonous work, this song may be put in the headphones.

Perhaps, when she saw someone go to Casablanca, she would be envious and go crazy, but she did not complain, but blessing, which became a little lucky in her work. "Ah, I met two people today to Casablanca. It's great. When can I go?"

This is not a tour of competing circles of friends, but an ordinary person's trust and expectation for love and the future.

The message is only 2 lines, but there is a shadow of Alice in the novel "Brooklyn". The young Irish girl Alice, trapped in the small grocery store in the town, is looking forward to the life of the American metropolis on the other side of the ocean. Alice is undoubtedly lucky. She finally walked out of the town where rumors and dull occlusion spread, and went to her dream city to live an independent life.

I don't know how the person who made the international flight ticket will live in the future. Will you go to the "Brooklyn" in her heart, I really want to know the story behind this.

After reading these comments, you will feel that everyone who leaves a message seems to have some small wishes in life, but for various reasons, it is temporarily impossible to achieve. I have also experienced some feelings and met some people, because they are young, ignorant, impulsive, perhaps just because God made a joke, those things are lost.

This is the comment under Lao Lang's "Love Lover":

This is the message after "Man on the Road":

The guest named Zhao Lei's wife said that the song "People on the Go" was of great significance to her. At that time, her mother was encouraged by this song to break away from the constraints of the family and the pressure of arranged marriage. With the money saved for a long time left the home. Until today, her mother remembers every lyrics...

A song has such a big effect that it changes a person's life. It is estimated that the author of this song did not expect it.

This is the comment behind "Desire":

"Hope" happened to be broadcast on CCTV at the end of the 90s, and as soon as it started broadcasting, it packed up Cyclone. As soon as Mao Amin's golden voice began to sing, the gentle and kind Liu Huifang appeared, and there was no figure in the noisy road.

At that time, the guest named iDamon was still a baby in his baby. At that time, there were few film and television dramas, and there were not many ways for people to relax and entertain. Mom couldn't beat the vibrato and couldn't watch ipad in bed, but she was so eager to take a look at "Longing".

As smart as iDamon's mother, a mirror was hung on the bedside, looking at the child while watching "Longing".

Time flies, the child grows up, but the mother is gone.

Nowadays, "want to say that it was so confusing and difficult to choose"-when this song sounded, people as old as iDamon's mother missed their youth, but iDamon recalled their own dead mother.

The poem says, "Last year, today, in this door, the face of the peach blossoms are red. The face of the human face does not know where to go, and the peach blossoms still smile." The love is, the absence is just the gentle hand of the mother shaking the cradle.

The comments in these music apps are full of flavors in life, and they are sweet, bitter, and sad.

In the memory area, similar to iDamon, nostalgia for the loved ones everywhere is everywhere.

This is the most liked comment behind Titanic:

No one thought that this was regarded as a tree hole, and some hidden feelings that were not humane, and the thoughts about the loss of loved ones were engraved into the back of the lyrics and melody, giving "You Look" new Life and meaning.

What's more, it's a regret for love. Of course, this may be related to most songs related to love. And perfect love is rarely missed, and naturally leaves sad stories of sad people.

After reading the message of one of the people, he was completely tearful after reading it.

This man saw a girl in her twenties in the subway. Since sitting down, the girl has not been idle. She has been combing her hair in the mirror and applying powder to make up, which is really annoying to the people around her. But after a while, the girl took out an invitation from the bag and opened it, with a photo of the newlyweds in it. The girl looked at it for a while before putting it down, and picked up the phone. The screensaver of the phone was the groom.

Just a few words, more vivid than the plot of some novels. Well, this is not the typical boyfriend married, the bride is not me. It is quite sad to see the bridge section in this Hollywood movie in reality.

Perhaps, the girl is on the way to the previous wedding, she wants to dress up beautifully, and wants to show him, "You TM is blind, why not choose me?" She may also ask herself 10,000 times: "I TM What could be worse than that person?"

The inner suffering made her completely forget her manners. The girl in the subway disregards everyone's eyes and paints her eyebrows and paints her face, applying makeup and makeup. She can imagine how much her heart hurts. What is even more distressing is that the screensaver still has photos of herself and her predecessor, so she knows how she can't let go. But in a flash, invitations were sent.

Thousands of changes, love is not enough, this is not life.

Another netizen named, to some extent, seemed to give her explanations and answers.

There are also some netizens who express their nostalgia for the old days, their guilt for their loved ones, and their memories of love...

Mr. Lin Lin, in these comments, there is no resentment, tearing, swearing in the news comment area, some are nostalgia, gratitude, and even regrets: don’t worry about love without love, the pain of losing loved ones, the feelings of no longer in life Passing away...Let's go through all aspects of the world.

This may be music, literature, movies...these seemingly useless, artistic forces.

These ordinary people hidden behind each cold account have their own wishes and secret emotional world. Maybe real life is not easy. The dreams in my youth are long gone, the desire to go to Casablanca has been unrealized, and the favorite person has long been away from myself...

Everyone is not easy on the road with a heavy load. Life, old age, sickness, death, love parting, resentment, begging... can't hide, and behind those short messages, it is just piles, pieces of life stories that are so real and touching .

Again, sweet and bitter, sad and happy.

But this is not a vivid "human fireworks"?

Some people say that the world is not worth it. In this life, everyone has more or less some stories about their time. These stories, like being coded, are stored behind a song. As soon as the player was turned on and the music rang, the past was like the catkins of spring, which flew to the eyes. At this moment, the door of his secret emotional world was opened instantly, and even inadvertently wet the eyes.

Hey, how could that simple melody make people cry?

Thanks to those friends who left comments in the music app, let me share so many life stories. The world is suffering, the world is still worth it.

Thanks also to my fans. I haven't updated it in such a long time.

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