The US came up with a way to weaken Russia's position in Europe

WASHINGTON, June 27, FederalPress. The American side is going to allocate billions of money for this purpose. The draft defense budget for next year discloses specific areas of funding.

The United States announced the draft defense budget for next year. It has the title “European containment initiative”. Under the program, the United States wants to channel nearly $ 4 billion to weaken Russia's position in the region.
It turned out that the funds will go to strategic shipping and satellite communications. They also want to fight Russia with the help of submarines. And to counter Moscow, anti-submarine equipment will also be purchased in this area.
The author of the document, Adam Smith, recalled that the adoption of the budget presumes the preservation of previously voiced US positions in Russia. For example, the States prolong the ban on sponsoring any activities related to the Crimea. Cooperation with Moscow in the military sphere is also excluded, writes TASS.
Earlier, FederalPress said that US President Donald Trump has again used the wartime law in the country. He wants to speed up the release of new weapons.
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