The US F-35B.

The land media recently reported that the mainland is developing a new generation of stealth fighters, and will test flights in 2021. Russian experts who study the mainland’s military have analyzed that the new generation of stealth fighters in the mainland is likely to be a new generation of vertical takeoff and landing developed on the J-31 platform. Fighter planes, if tested from 2021, will probably take 4 to 5 years. The three 075 amphibious assault ships currently under construction will use this type of vertical takeoff and landing stealth fighter similar to the US F-35B.

Russian military expert Vasily. Kashin pointed out in the "Russian News Agency" column that the details of the new generation of land-based stealth fighters have not yet been announced, but it is true that the mainland is continuing to develop several next-generation fighters, including the development of new ones based on the J-20 and J-31 platforms. Modified products and different types of drones are actively expanding their air combat capabilities.

Kashin said that developing a new fighter requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and it will take many years. The J-31 "Falcon Eagle" has been in the testing stage for many years to verify its new technical solutions. For the J-20 is also under continuous improvement work, it is entirely possible to test the J-20 using a new engine with improved performance and optimized avionics.

Kashin believes that the mainland is likely to develop the next generation of vertical takeoff and landing stealth fighters using the J-31 as the platform in recent years. If this aircraft is referred to in the latest flight test news, then this will have a very significant significance for the PLA in a timely manner.

He pointed out that two large-scale 075 amphibious assault ships with a displacement of 40,000 tons have been launched. Considering the time of completion and testing, they are expected to be delivered to the Navy from 2023 to 2024. If the test of vertical takeoff and landing fighters is started in 2021, it is expected to last for 4-5 years. At present, 3 075 amphibious assault ships (including 2 launched) that are in different stages of construction will be built. Ready to use this vertical takeoff and landing fighter.

As a result, Kashin said that there will be three light aircraft carriers on the mainland, and the number of naval aviation wings may exceed the Japanese Izumo-class light aircraft carriers (former helicopter destroyers). The new aircraft will give the mainland the ability to deploy troops abroad. For example, the mainland military base in Djibouti does not have its own real airstrip, and the next generation of vertical takeoff and landing fighters can be deployed when necessary.

In the end, Kashin believes that the next generation of fighters on the mainland will actively promote exports and allow the use of general-purpose amphibious assault ships that many countries intend to purchase. This large ship that can be used as a light aircraft carrier under special circumstances can become a mutual trust with the United States. The option of a low country, or as an alternative to the expensive F-35B fighter.
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