Trump explained Russia's exclusion from the G8 9

WASHINGTON, June 29, FederalPress. The main reason Trump considers Moscow's victory in the international arena. The US president has convicted his country of weakness during the Obama presidency.

Russia was expelled from the G8 for foreign policy successes during the presidency of Barack Obama. This was the main reason for expelling Russia. This was told by incumbent US President Donald Trump in response to Joe Biden’s call not to call Russia on the G7.
Biden believed in a New York Times article on Moscow’s relationship with the Taliban. Journalists without reference to sources said that Russia paid the Taliban for attacks on US troops in Afghanistan. The White House has already denied the information, RIA Novosti writes.
Trump said that at one time Moscow fully outplayed Biden and Obama. That is why they were angry with Russia, and Obama naturally wished to expel the Russian Federation from the G8. Trump noted the weakness of American power in front of Russia. Therefore, Trump was skeptical about Biden’s proposal not to invite Russia to the upcoming summit.
Earlier, FederalPress reported that the White House called the New York Times an “inaccurate” article. In Washington, it was said that intelligence had not reported anything of the kind to superior persons.
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