1 in 5 nursing homes were short on PPE, staff as virus surged this summer


One out of five nursing homes in the US had serious deficiencies of individual defensive gear this late spring, another investigation says, which additionally found that numerous offices in the hardest hit territories attempted to hold staff. 

The investigation of government information distributed in the diary Wellbeing Issues likewise discovered there was no improvement from May to July in the PPE deficiencies or staffing concerns. COVID-19 cases in the South, West and Midwest flooded during that timespan. 

Terry Fulmer, leader of the John A. Hartford Establishment, a not-for-profit that attempts to improve care for more established grown-ups, called the examination's discoveries "a gigantic warning." 

"We have had no lucid government reaction," Fulmer said. The discoveries come in spite of vows from the Trump organization to help. "The central government should claim this issue," said study creator David Grabowski.

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