Animal tracks found in the Grand Canyon are the oldest ever, paleontologists say

"These are by a wide margin the most established vertebrate tracks in Stupendous Gully, which is known for its plentiful fossil tracks," said Stephen Rowland, a scientist at the College of Nevada, Las Vegas. "They are among the most seasoned tracks on Earth of shelled-egg-laying creatures, for example, reptiles. 

They're additionally the most punctual proof of vertebrates strolling on sand hills. 

The tracks show two creatures strolling in a "parallel grouping walk" - which means the two legs on each side move in progression, with the back leg first and the front leg following (a similar way felines and canines walk). 

"[The] tracks report the utilization of this walk from the get-go throughout the entire existence of vertebrate creatures. We recently had no data about that," Rowland said. 

The exploration was distributed in the PLoS ONE diary. 


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