Davie County woman in hospital, to be charged after dozens of animals, including marsupial and illegal fox, seized from home


DAVIE District, N.C. — A lady is in the emergency clinic and expected to be charged after creature administrations held onto many creatures from a Davie District home, including canines, small ponies, reptiles and an unlawful fox, as per the Davie Region Sheriff's Office. 

On Thursday, Davie Province Creature Administrations served a court order at a location on the 2000 square of N.C. 801 north subsequent to accepting reports of creature disregard. 

At the scene, creature administrations officials couldn't go inside the home because of "hazardous conditions," as per the sheriff's office. 

Fire teams needed to open and ventilate the home. Authorities were then ready to hold onto 15 canines, seven scaled down ponies, five ponies, six chickens, four pigs, three ducks, two reptiles, two felines, a fox, an opossum and a marsupial. 

The sheriff's office says the fox is a non-local, African species that isn't permitted in the US. They are as yet attempting to distinguish it. 

Jolynn Samantha Hicks, 44, was taken to an emergency clinic. 

Representatives state charges are remarkable right now. 

"Davie Area Animal Administrations and Sheriff's Office might want to thank the accompanying organizations and people for their help: Piedmont Crisis Animal Salvage Group, Animal Reaction Group Farmington Local group of fire-fighters, Smith Forest Local group of fire-fighters, Davie Region Salvage Crew, Davie Region Crew 81, Davie Province EMS, Davie District Crisis The executives, NC Untamed life Asset Commission, Davie Region Assessments Office, Davie Region Fire Marshall's Office, Mrs. Beth McCashin and network individuals," the sheriff's office composed on Facebook.

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