Does eBay secure the venders by erasing the reviews and criticism more established than a year?


Not a trick and he's probally not lying in the event that he hasn't been on eBay long. 

It's another vender who hasn't had a lot of experience no doubt. It's actual with new merchants on PayPal. PayPal has the option to stop the record for the primary like three months or anyway long it takes for PayPal to confide in them. During the trial time frame the cash is held until you give input or like fourteen days after expected deliverly. It's somewhat quicker with following however very little. It harms a ton since you need to dispatch it utilizing your own cash, not the delivery expenses of the thing. For a considerable length of time I needed to utilize the expenses of deals fourteen days back to pay for my transportation this week. At the point when you are a fledgling and inclining up deals their is where you will begin seeing your delivery costs go over earlier weeks deals. 

I would simply evaluate the thing check whether it's what you requested. Recall that criticism isn't care for a guarantee framework that it won't break under use or like an arrival strategy. Definitly never give input until you have the thing close by however. Likewise recollect never give less then 100% except if there is an issue and they aren't eager to fix it. With eBay criticism is win or bust. Consider it your educators could give you either An or a F in particular. One score underneath 100% and they could suspend him. 

I'm all the more then open to giving positive input following a day with the item close by. It's only a thing is this what I requested and did they make a sensible showing getting it to me and connecting with me. 

The content beneath is legitimately from ebays strategy current starting at 7/20/2020. From my own understanding on the off chance that you transfer following or print the name in ebay it pays the following business day after affirmed conveyance. On the off chance that the client leaves positive criticism the assets are delivered in a split second (if not an affable call has consistently worked). This is imperative to new dealers or business with constrained income and I generally leave criticism the day its transported. I have bought a large number of things off ebay for resale and just about 3% are "not as depicted" or harmed on the way and leaving negative evaluations consistently appears to make the dealer defer a discount or not discount by any means. Anyway designate of times I show signs of improvement bargains by leaving moment input or when there is a difficult they are bound to determine it in a convenient manner instead of getting irritated or cautious from negative criticism. The main drawback is you can't update the criticism from positive to negative or unbiased yet its hard enough to explore ebay just because and I could never leave a negative audit. One of those in the event that you dont have anything ideal to state… . dislike venders get the opportunity to leave awful audits for awful purchasers and as in life when all is said in done you get a larger number of flies with nectar than with vinegar. 

The most significant thing you can never really get paid quicker is transport the equivalent day your purchaser pays and follow great delivery rehearses. 

In light of your transportation technique and the delivery data you give, here's the point at which your assets ought to be accessible 

Three days after we affirm the request was conveyed, on the off chance that you pay for delivery and . 

Three days after we affirm the request was conveyed, in the event that you transport straightforwardly utilizing USPS, UPS or FedEx and to My eBay. 

Seven days after your most recent evaluated conveyance date, on the off chance that you don't transfer following data yet you mark the thing as transported in My eBay. 

21 days after the purchaser pays, in the event that you don't give following data, mark the thing as transported, or the evaluated conveyance date can't be determined.

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