Harris Discloses to Best She Can't Send Him Birth Authentication Without Postal Assistance


A sorry Kamala Harris revealed to Donald J. Trump on Monday that she will be not able to give him a guaranteed duplicate of her introduction to the world authentication without a completely working postal help. 

"So as to acquire a duplicate of my introduction to the world testament, I need to send a letter to the California Branch of General Wellbeing," she said. "That is extremely dubious to manage without a post box." 

On the off chance that the C.D.P.H. some way or another gets her letter, Representative Harris stated, "it will at that point need to mail my introduction to the world endorsement back to me—once more, a troublesome undertaking if there is no mail." 

Harris educated Trump that, if by some supernatural occurrence she were to get her introduction to the world testament via the post office, "I would then need to mail it to you. Once more, difficult." 

The congressperson said that she was "profoundly grieved" that the US Postal Help's financing issues would make getting her introduction to the world testament to Best so testing. 

"I realize that the topic of my introduction to the world has been a reason for extraordinary misery to you," she said. "I would effectively facilitate your psyche about this issue." 

She finished up her letter by saying that she was uncertain whether her letter could ever show up.

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