Hospitals hit financially by COVID-19 with $4 billion loss in Florida alone

Medical clinics hit monetarily by COVID-19 with $4 billion misfortune in Florida alone 

Demonstrative of the monetary strain that clinics are seeing around the nation, Florida emergency clinics state they have all in all lost about $4 billion in the previous four months on account of the coronavirus. Indeed, even with monetary guide from the administration, emergency clinics around the state said they are discharging cash because of expanded staffing costs, testing and other defensive hardware, alongside lost income from patients postponing care or dropping elective medical procedures. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic has monetarily stunned our human services framework," Florida Medical clinic Affiliation's Between time President Precious stone Stickle said in an announcement Friday. 

The gathering speaks to more than 200 medical clinics, and evaluated anticipated misfortunes through August at $7.4 billion. The state wellbeing office announced Friday 4,684 new affirmed cases and 119 new passings from the infection, however hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have likewise been declining over the previous month.

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