Kardashian posted a progression of tweets Sunday clarifying the disclosures that followed the preliminary of C-Murder, conceived Corey Mill operator, who was condemned to life in jail for the deadly shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas in 2009. 

In 2009, Ernest Johnson, leader of the NAACP in Louisiana, required an examination concerning C-Murder's preliminary after one of the legal hearers, Mary Jacob, uncovered she decided in favor of a blameworthy conviction to end the "severe" pressure from her kindred legal hearers who were likewise supposedly compelling their position on another jury part, a handicapped 20-year-old undergrad, who was inclining towards a not liable vote. Jacob concedes she accepted investigators had not demonstrated their case. 

C-Murder, who has kept up his honesty, claimed his conviction in light of Jacob's admission, yet the choice was maintained by the court. 

In 2018, Kenneth Jordan, a key observer in the C-Murder preliminary, recorded a sworn affirmation, expressing, "I know the person that I saw fire the weapon was not Corey Mill operator." Jordan asserted he was compelled by criminologists to lie after swearing to tell the truth to maintain a strategic distance from a 10-year sentence on irrelevant criminal allegations. 

C-Murder's ex and R&B vocalist Monica pledged to do all that she could to help get him out on her Accounts a week ago. "You are not the only one," she composed. "The quarrel is over to change since you won't battle alone! Your girl and Tru family have the right to have you with them! I'm going to be on some other sh*t @cmurder" 

C-Murder is the more youthful sibling of Ace P. He's presently carrying out his punishment at the Louisiana State Prison.

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