Space: Russian cosmonaut captures possible UFO footage from International Space Station

 A one-minute video caught by Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner on board the Universal Space Station (ISS) seems to show likely UFOs, Worldwide News reports. 

While ignoring Antarctica and Australia, Vagner was recording video of aurora australis — the southern lights — yet he figured out how to find something different, as well. 


Vagner distributed the video in a tweet Wednesday morning. 

Obvious are the sparkling bend of the Earth and the green of the aurora moving across it. The "space visitors" Vagner alludes to show up from nine seconds into the video and last until the 12-second imprint, a string of four to five lights orchestrated in an inclining line. 

Since the video was shot in a period slip by, the glimmer of "objects" which rapidly show up and vanish in the video really kept going somewhere in the range of 52 seconds. The articles "seem flying close by with a similar separation," Vagner wrote in further tweets. "What do you think those are? Meteors, satellites or … ?" 

It's hazy accurately when the recording was caught or whether Vagner watched the marvel at that point, as he shot. 

This strategic Vagner's first on board the ISS. As indicated by an ongoing blog entry by NASA, his work on the station has included support on its orbital pipes framework just as "investigating approaches to improve Earth photography strategies." He is working close by Anatoli Ivanishin, additionally of Russia, and American administrator Chris Cassidy. 

Group individuals from the Universal Space Station (ISS) Chris Cassidy (left) of NASA, Anatoly Ivanishin (focus) and Ivan Vagner of the Russian space organization Roscosmos act for a photograph like they go to definite capability preparing in Star City close to Moscow, Russia Walk 12, 2020. EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA/REUTERS 

While NASA still can't seem to remark on the locating, Russia's space office Roscosmos helped Vagner's tweet with the note: "A fascinating and simultaneously strange video made by cosmonaut of Roscosmos Ivan Wagner … from the Worldwide Space Station." 

The different ISS group individuals have not tended to the recording yet Vagner has detailed that it has been submitted to Roscosmos specialists for audit. The video is being analyzed at the Space Exploration Establishment of the Russian Foundation of Sciences, Russian outlet TASS affirmed. One authority told TASS: 

"It is too soon to make ends until our Roscosmos analysts and researchers at the Space Exploration Establishment of the Russian Foundation of Sciences mention to us what they think. It was chosen to hand over those materials to specialists, who will mention to us what that was as they would see it." 

In July a New York Times article uncovered the U.S. government has financed examination into the subject of UFOs for a considerable length of time — research that is progressing. On August 14, the Pentagon reported it had propelled a team to "improve its comprehension of, and gain knowledge into, the nature and beginnings of UAPs (Unidentified Aeronautical Marvels)."

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