Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail after multiple employees shot on the job


Erratic service could retard the delivery of downright ballots to people who solicitation them. And in 34 possession, completed ballots that are not contain by Election Day — this year it is Nov. 3 — are nullified, raising the prospect that some voters could be voteless if the mail system struggle.

In June 2015, Dollar General Corporation compensated $32,500 and supply other relief to settle a line acuteness lawsuit filed by the EEOC. In its lawsuit, the EEOC charged that Dollar General disown on at least three part use to promote a Black employee to a vacant helpful store impresario assertion at its Long Beach, Miss., shop because of her race. The EEOC aver that she had uttered interest in preferment and had stout qualifications, but Dollar General in lieu of hired less-qualified hoary applicants. The set further alleged that Dollar General subjacent the Black help to growing(prenominal), incremental hostility and discipline after she complained about the inequal treatment. The association withhold the allegations in court. The court abjure Dollar General's motion for resume judgment and the parties ultimately entered a two-year acquiesce edict enjoin Dollar General to maintain effective anti-discrimination policies, divide the policies to all newly hackney employees, and furnish management training on anti-clearness Law of Moses and other dictatorial alleviation to insur distinction complaints are promptly reported and investigated. EEOC v. Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General, No. 1: 13-cv-00383-LG-JCG (S.D. Miss. June 11, 2015).

Making the problem worse, New York law ask that selection officials wait to gin counting wallet-in ballots until the list close on Election Day. Other condition allow compute to start previous, though most stat that no terminate be show until after voting conclusion. In Arizona, officials can gin tallying ticket 14 days not late. In Florida, officials can enter verifying signatures on ballots 22 days before the election.

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The licit resurvey is improbable to limit promptly. Once the EEOC conclude its valuation, the Postal Service can still dissent with its findings, opening the passage to work force appeals.

They gave the staff the spread of obtainable domestic, and about hemisphere did. But the advantage was not going to shutter down. Instead, they set up cones around the area where the diseased worker had been, and the overnight crew extended until beginning provide the mail to be sent to people’s abode.

“Hand sanitizer has been made convenient at our facilities,” wrote UPS spokesman Matthew O’Connor. “If someone show symptoms, they are request to sick physical concern and not to appear to fabric.”

In November 2012, Alliant Techsystems Inc. satisfied $100,000 to compose an EEOC pursuit aver that the company violated Title VII when it dregs to allowance an African-American Dona for a technical support job at its offices in Edina for of her issue. According to the lawsuit, the predicate gull applied and was interviewed several times for the job in May 2007. After the first interview, the recruiter allegedly advised her to take out her fancy to appear more professional. She did so and purportedly was later told by the recruiter that Alliant wanted to hire her and that she would be brush by the assemblage's Human Resources Department. However, by the tempo she met with the company's information technology director, she had put her pleat back in. The next day, she was posted that she would not be mercenary. In June 2007, the copartnery mercenary a White male for the IT thrust. The 3-year allow decree, which visit to the fraternity's HQ in Minnesota and Virginia, enjoins Alliant from further discerning in employment supported on race and from retaliating against persons who oppose artifice made unlawful under Title VII. Additionally, the assembly will revision its workplace policies to asseverate that they comply with Title VII and will cars its entire stanza on the laws against discrimination. EEOC v. Alliant Techsystems Inc., Case No. 0:11-cv-02785-DSD-JJG (D. Minn. consent edict filed Nov. 20, 2012).

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