Kim Kardashian Nasty Story

Earlier in the interview, Jimmy and Kim commiserated over the challenges of self-isolating with small children during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, Kim joked that she was doing the interview from Kris' glam room, having snuck out of her house because "I had to get away from my kids."

“Here is yet another example of people blaming women for being victims,” one person wrote on “Many men wear expensive watches, necklaces, etc. and robbing them is still considered a crime. Treat it as such. Having a gun put to your head by multiple men while you fear that they may rape you is traumatizing. I’m pretty sure that the poor human being can’t forget any second of the attack and here you are using her scarring events to make money. This is disgusting. It is not funny.”

“Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner called Indian food ‘so disgusting.’ Seriously? You don’t have to like it, but don’t be rude,” another user said.

"She's not the type of person to make a decision and say, 'Okay guys, I'm not gonna film.' But she would come to work with an attitude every day, kind of take it out on everyone from the crew to us and wouldn't really make that decision," Kim explained. "So we would kind of just keep on pushing her to figure out why she was so unhappy."

She also revealed that things took a nasty turn when Kourtney finally did explode, and it was even worse than what was shown on the show. "I don't really ever resort to violence like that but she scratched me so hard, which you guys didn't see," Kim said. "When I looked down at my arm and saw that she had really scratched me and I felt it all on my back, I just went over and slapped her back."

Kim even went so far as to ask her followers on Instagram for advice on activities and things to do to keep her kids happy, but when Jimmy asked if she got any good tips, Kim had to say no. "Everyone was like you have everything at your house, they shouldn't be bored."

And if that doesn't work, there's always forts. Both Kim and Jimmy admitted that their entire house is now comprised of different forts in every room for their kids. But just like Kim admitted she was hiding from her kids at Kris', we bet parents are stealing a few moments of peace in those forts when they can find them.

The Catcher in the Rye, the 1951 novel about teenage confusion and alienation by J.D. Salinger, plays a large part in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". The episode references the controversial reception the book has received over the years for its risqué elements and vulgar language. Mr. Garrison tells the students the book has only recently been lifted from the South Park Elementary's banned books list, a reference to past censorship the book has received in public schools.[1] The episode also refers to the alleged role The Catcher in the Rye played in inspiring Mark David Chapman to shoot and kill musician John Lennon, and John Hinckley, Jr. to attempt to assassinate former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Lennon, a former member of The Beatles and long-time peace activist, is referred to by Cartman as "the king of hippies".[1][3] Butters and the eventual murderer rail against 'phonies' in the same manner as Holden Caulfield in Salinger's book. "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" aired two months after the death of author J.D. Salinger, and just weeks after letters by J.D. Salinger went on display at The Morgan Library & Museum in New York City.

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