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In March this year, Koo, in a statement read out by Kwon in LG Corp's annual shareholders' meeting, announced the firm would make "pre-emptive measures to take the lead in the fast-changing market". On the same day, Kwon was named Chairman of the Board of LG Electronics, LG Display, and LG Uplus. In effect, the measures translate to the CEOs of all three companies now needing to answer to him. All three businesses are considering restructuring changes, but the key among them is LG Display.

LG Mobile hasn't been doing great lately - the division has seen its market share quickly decrease, while its bottom line is in the red. During CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the company chief executive promised the mobile division will manage to turn around by the end of 2021. Kwon Bong-seok, LG's CEO, revealed the mobile branch will expand the phone lineup and will steadily release new phones, attached with “wow factors to woo consumers”. However, he didn’t mention specific devices or lines, nor hinted what the wow factors might be. He only double confirmed the ambition to boost competitiveness in a really cutthroat smartphone market. The latest full report from LG revealed the sales of smartphones went down 25% on a yearly basis, although the company managed to halve its operating loss in the third quarter of 2019. LG is heavily relying on its performance on the domestic scene where its 5G products are among the top-sellers. Via

In fact, last year was dominated by true wireless earbuds, with audio brands experimenting with adding smart features to the diminutive form factor. Mobvoi, for example, brought us the TicPods 2 Pro, which can be controlled with a shake of the head, while Klipsch announced its (still yet to be released) T10 true wireless earbuds, which come with built-in artificial intelligence. 

The Escalade’s HMI integrates augmented reality, driver information, and infotainment all-in-one system. Unique to the HMI is a rich graphical control application for the advanced-comfort front seats, which feature 18-way adjustments with heating, ventilation, and massage functions.

In technology, Samsung also took advantage of LCD's strength: brightness. One of the traditional strengths of OLED over LCD is the aperture ratio, or how much light can actually come of a display area. Because OLED can emit light on its own, it is easier to secure brightness compared to LCDs. But the downside is, to take advantage of the higher aperture ratio and increase the brightness you need more electricity, and the increased power consumption leads to the diode's life span shortening -- another cause of "burn-in". This is exasperated when you want to increase the picture quality, from Full HD to UHD, to 8K, and so on as it requires more and more power. So Samsung amped up the brightness to its maximum capacity for its QLED TVs, with LCD TVs being able to handle the required power surge without any problems. This is also the reason why Samsung was able to launch 8K resolution TVs earlier than LG. Samsung's 8K TV are already commercialised, while LG is planning to launch its 88-inch 8K OLED in the second half of this year. 

Similarly, other brands such as Apple are also rumoured to be developing lightweight AR glasses. According to a tipster, the Apple Glass are expected to look similar to standard glasses and cost $499 (roughly Rs. 37,300).

With that in mind, B Project will have a rollable display, according to The Elec, and the phone will be launched next year. The phone is named after the company CEO Kwon Bong-seok, the report notes. Velvet was previously codenamed “Cayman Islands,” and the horizontal phone is called “Wing.” A flagship coming in the first half of 2021 is called “Rainbow.”

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Then there are the disastrous profits; its annual operating profit in 2018 fell 96.2% from the previous year. It went into the red for the first quarter of this year. And while its OLED TV business made a profit for the first time this year, it was only a meagre one. Sales of the OLED TV have also opened slower than expected, and the general feeling within the company is that it has pushed itself into a corner.

LG says that the thinking behind the curvature of display is related to viewing angles for drivers, to ensure that its information is legible at all times without any fuss. Of course, the high quality and deep contrast of OLED displays also means that it will most likely look as premium as it is in the Escalade and any other future vehicles.

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Like rival Sony, LG was previously betting heavily on the introduction of 5G connectivity as a path back to growth. However, as market data shows, only Samsung has so far been able to capitalize on its arrival with shipments of around 7 million devices and a market share of almost 75%.

Rightware collaborated with LG Electronics to power graphics for the auto industry’s first curved, 38-inch OLED display, the centerpiece of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade that hits dealerships in late 2020. Rightware’s Kanzi software suite enabled designers to take full advantage of real-time graphics to create the ultimate digital user experience for the all-new SUV. (Photo credit: General Motors)

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