Mexico City is a business for PC stages that give private transportation a driver, for example, Uber and Cabify.

From 2015 to date, there are 29 organizations of this sort enrolled in the Portability Application Control Arrangement of the nearby Service of Versatility (Semovi), of which just seven finished their desk work and some are as of now in the application stores. 

As indicated by data from Semovi, the seven organizations that as of now have verification of conveyance of archives and are currently approval are Cabify México S de RL de CV; Drive Advances SAPI de CV; Operadora de Servicios Móviles y de Publicidad SA de CV; Prados de Pirineos, SA de CV; System of Greatness in Transportation SA de CV; Global positioning frameworks de México SA de CV; and Uber México Innovation and Programming, SA de CV. 

Cabify México S de RL de CV and Uber México Innovation thus ftware, SA de CV, are the stages for recruiting private vehicle with a driver that head the rundown of organizations that have a record and are the main ones that have conveyed cash to the Reserve for Taxi, Versatility and Walker, which so far has in excess of 188 million pesos, cash that has not been spent to date. 

Drive Advances SAPI de CV is one more of the organizations that has their evidence of conveyance and is presently approval; It has its versatile application called Urbvan, which offers aggregate assistance to Santa Clause Fe and Polanco, has 16 courses in places like Toluca, north and south, Buenavista, Condesa and Iztapalapa. 

As per the Mexican organization, the vans offer a sheltered outing with an expert driver, agreeable seats, Wi-Fi and fittings to charge electronic gadgets. The expenses are from 39 pesos for the Mixcoac course to Santa Clause Fe, up to 105 pesos from Toluca to Santa Clause Fe. 

The Operadora de Servicios Móviles y de Publicidad SA de CV has the Taccsi stage, which offers a protected vehicle administration and has satellite following; In spite of the fact that the Application would now be able to be downloaded, the administration isn't accessible. 

Prados de Pirineos, SA de CV, is another that is in the approval cycle and that must be downloaded through the Google Play Store, yet client enlistment is impossible. 

Red de Excelencia en el Transporte SA de CV has the RetsaChofer stage just for Android gadgets thus far it is unimaginable to expect to enlist clients. 

Global positioning frameworks de México SA de CV, a Grupo UDA organization, is an organization that advances avoidance and gives answers for organizations in the regions of coordinations, traffic, security, and client care; in any case, the private transportation administration that it will give in Mexico City through portable applications is obscure. 

Cycle. Carlos Meneses, top of the Semovi, nitty gritty in a meeting for EL All inclusive that the library of seven lawful elements responsible for the activity of PC stages has been given, which are dependent upon a vehicle approval measure. 

"There are seven libraries, the way that you have one doesn't imply that you have approval from Semovi, similar to the concession, they are being approved. There are a few solicitations and they need arrangements to satisfy so as to arrive at the vault, "he said. 

He guaranteed that the organization knows about the regularizations, likewise demonstrated that they will keep up a connection with the organizations and will have security bolts, for example, confirming that the units are not engaged with any wrongdoing. 

"They need to agree to all the prerequisites that the City itself applies and works, they won't have the option to work vehicles with plates from different states, even from the Province of Mexico, the enrollment will be as per the law of the City," he said. 

In spite of information exchanged by the proprietor of the Semovi, versatile application stores, for example, Apple's Application Store and Google's Play Store as of now have a portion of the private vehicle Applications that are mentioning authorization from the organization to download, some are even previously working . 

As indicated by Semovi, in the wake of affirming the narrative, physical and mechanical approval (whenever introduced), a 3D image will be given that must contain a two-dimensional vehicle ID code known as "QR", and a mathematical code called CVT, which is the connection to the Camovi framework, notwithstanding the security gadgets built up by the secretariat. 

These will be related with the information of the vehicle introduced, which will be set on the windshield on the traveler side. Notwithstanding, a few vehicles from these organizations, including Uber and Cabify, don't have them. 

"They have not revealed to us anything, in the application clients are given the rebate for the store, yet they have not given us any code and I likewise think they have not done anything with that cash," said Gerardo, a Uber driver, who It additionally utilizes other versatility applications, as it guarantees that it doesn't create similar cash as two years back.

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