NANO Forcefield ARMOR 2020


 NANO Forcefield  ARMOR 2020

when you think about  force field nano  armor solving the human  problems in the battle field. 

A metal plate reflects EM waves, including radio and light. A cleaned metal plate is a decent mirror. In any event, for the entirety of the more drawn out than-optical frequencies, it despite everything acts as a "cleaned reflect" for microwave and radio waves. In any case, note that the mirror doesn't control any waves. Preferably, the waves come in, and are 100% reflected back out once more. Point of occurrence approaches edge of reflection. During reflection, examples of electric flows show up in the mirror. The examples are actually those which produce a "communicating radio wire" to counteract the approaching wave, and to create the reflected wave, and send it off at a similar point as the edge of rate. That is fundamental mirror material science 101. 

Be that as it may, is it conceivable to by one way or another connect the waves to the mirror? Imagine a scenario in which we send our pillar at an amazingly shallow, looking point. Will point of occurrence not, at this point equivalent the zero edge of reflection? Or on the other hand, imagine a scenario in which we utilize a somewhat bended mirror, for example, a wide side of the equator, at that point direct a few waves extraneously over the edge. Will it quit being a reflecting mirror, and rather "snatch" the waves and guide them along its surface? 

The appropriate response ends up being "yes," however it's a weak impact, and it necessitates that the mirror surface be resistive (thus, not a 100% reflector.)  for more info search nano armor 

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