Tesla's $25,000 EV, and its 200 MPH-capable Model S


Outlook’s Mac version will also get a major facelift in October, just in time for Apple’s macOS Big Sur release. The new Outlook features icons that more closely tie-in to the rest of the company’s apps, along with lots of rounded corners and semi-translucent panels to let whatever’s behind the app shine through slightly. In other words, it’s all clean, friendly and flat, much like the redesigned Big Sur apps Apple first showed off over the summer.Continue reading.

Essentially, the so-called biscuit tin is a new kind of battery cell that, while cylindrical in design and using lithium-ion chemistry, has very few similarities to previous cells. As Roadshow's Kyle Hyatt reported, "The most significant change happens inside the larger cell canister and involves removing the tabs that act as the positive and negative connection points between the anode and cathode and the battery casing."

For the cathode, Tesla is moving away from cobalt to nickel, claiming that a high nickel, zero-cobalt cathode will reduce costs by 15 per cent. Musk also announced that the company is also making cathode production facilities in the US that'll eliminate the intermediate stages usually required in turning nickel and lithium into batteries. Not only will this result in cost savings, but it will also make batteries easier to recycle; it’s even started its own in-house pilot program in Nevada to recycle Tesla products.

Microsoft says the larger screen will make it easier for people to collaborate while staying six feet apart and could replace traditional whiteboards and projectors. Pre-sales are available now, and you should know that, for the first time, you can get one with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise installed. The real question is why don’t you have one or two of these already? Continue reading.

No, it’s not covered in plaid (shame), but it is fast. This version of the Model S sedan — which goes well beyond the previous Performance version and its high-speed “Ludicrous” mode — will be available late next year. Tesla promises 1,100 horsepower, sub-two-second 0 to 60MPH time and a 200MPH top speed. And as far as range goes, according to the video, the Plaid model can go 520 miles or more between charges. Pre-orders are available now on the Tesla website, with prices starting at $139,000. Continue reading.

Tesla remains a risky investment. The company might be the most valuable car company in the world, dominating the US electric vehicles market with 80 per cent of sales in the first half of 2020, but it still commands less than one per cent of the global automotive market.

Ruth Bader GinsburgRuth Bader Ginsburg is a Justice at the U.S. Supreme Court. After being nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals by President James Carter Jr. in 1980, Ginsburg was appointed by President Clinton to the Supreme Court on August 10, 1993. She became the second female justice to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, and after 25 years of total command, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now a favorite among the old and the young alike. Apart from having a star-studded career, Ginsburg has also been inspiring thousands with the way she carries herself on and off court. Her ability to inspire young minds was born from her will to fight against two types of cancer and to stay in top shape in order to do what she loves doing. Read on to know more about this wonder woman of the Court.

With all these innovations, Tesla could increase range by 54 per cent, achieve a dollar per kilowatt reduction of 56 per cent, and see investment costs per GWh cut by up to 69 per cent. Ultimately, Musk boasted, the company will deliver a "compelling" $25,000 passenger electric vehicle within the next three years.

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