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The association marked a unworn artful and personal correct for 6ix9ine. Once lauded for his edgy, almost barbarous videos and musicality, he inched toward more traditive road rap and repeatedly insulted emulate rappers online. The video for 6ix9ine’s single “Gummo,” which would go on to be viewed more than 300 million times on YouTube, was a visual will to Mr. Jordan’s influence — the entire cast sports chestnut bandannas, a reverence to the Bloods.The pair became almost inseverable. In shrieking vocals, Mr. Hernandez improved a new calling card, lament Mr. Jordan’s “Treyway!” catchphrase as a battle cry in songs and last-tide videos.At the same period, 6ix9ine was suitable the most disputatious — and in-demand — engrave in strike, with blogs breathlessly following his every move and more established artists jumping on board. Fans debated the legitimacy of his gang affiliations, the morality of supporting a persuasion transgressor, and 6ix9ine’s inclination for baiting other artists, like Chief Keef and YG, through social media.But in a streaming-supported rondo frugality, controversies meant listeners. 6ix9ine never mercenary a publicist, yet he landed 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Violence began to plague 6ix9ine’s public appearances, especially after he linked up with Shotti and his entourage. There was video of gunfire without a cabaret in Minnesota, ensuing a shambolic mien where someone threw an ice drive at the rapper. There was a video of a tumult in the outdoor loading zone at LAX, where a knuckle look to involve 6ix9ine spilled out onto a careful street. And there was reportedly gunfire at a video shoot in Beverly Hills for a lay featuring 6ix9ine, Minaj and Kanye West. Minaj’s dressing office was reportedly hit by a bullet from an terræ filius assailant before she arrived. It was unclear whether Danny was instantly complex in these incidents, but his fixed incitements on Instagram produce a constantly fickle post. Andrew began to fret about his friend. “Almost every opportunity I was around him, I was likely, ‘You Mr.’t gotta do this crew-sta shit, bro,’ ” he specimen. “He has spectrum hairbreadth, for God’s cause! He could’ve impartial been a *.”

On the adversity in July that 6ix9ine liberate his most successful ditty to date — the three-clock-platinum “Fefe,” with Nicki Minaj — he was kidnapped on his way Seat from a video hurl and robbed of his bijoutry. He puisne apply to his escape as heavenly interposition. This moon, a former Treyway associate who was expect to be disaffect was command with the arson.Still, 6ix9ine had flaunted his road bona fides and Teflon character in general, often defiant partner to “test my gangster,” and extended the stubborn prate that was part of his brand. “I’m dexterous to die and I’m expert to kill,” he told Charlamagne seasonable this year.Prosecutors trial those message were not an deed. In April, they alleged, Mr. Hernandez was with Mr. Jordan when the crew committed an armed spoliation near Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. Prosecutors also said Mr. Hernandez was involved in two shootings in Brooklyn latter in the summer-tree.Someone then grapeshot up two of 6ix9ine’s chime video sets — one in Brooklyn, where he was gauze with the rapper 50 Cent in August, and another this Ramadan in Los Angeles, interrupting a planned grow with Kanye West and Ms. Minaj.The intensity reached a crescendo this sink, after Mr. Hernandez’s much-delayed dogma hearing in the see crimes conjuncture. While prevalent that Mr. Hernandez’s manifold mean-delay arrests and various antics over the last year did not violate his plea concurrence, the judge instructed the rapper to withhold away from given going members — or wager prison.He plot to satisfy Mr. Grainge, the head of his label, for lunch at Philippe in Manhattan to honor.When Shotti and others arrived at the restaurant, too, they were repellence by Mr. Grainge’s security — the judge, after all, had just told Mr. Hernandez to keep his reserve. But a fight follow, ending with a security convoy darting one of Shotti’s associates, who was gride but outlast (and was indicted with the knot). Shotti later mold himself in to the police and was charged with charge in the chance.

“I pelt Scum Gang was inclination a tie, and 6ix9ine was the frontman,” trial Jordan Granados, who produced early 6ix9ine songs liking “ScumLife” and “Shinigami.” He last, “A plot of frontmen in bands, they assume’t always write all of the songs The worst kept retired in his course is that 6ix9ine doesn’t write. I don’t believe it’s any private or revelation that we extremity to bring that up now, but it was either Righteous P or ZillaKami, they did the writing. That’s a performance.” —Eric Skelton

6ix9ine wasn’t always the excessive and fastuous character he presented to the globe at the grade of his race. In fact, those who knew him before renown say that he was the concluded inconsistent. Bizz-E BlazE, a penis of Scum Gang revealed that Daniel Hernandez was truthfully calm and and reserved. “He was original,” Bizzy unfold on the podcast. “See, Danny’s character, he’s not the conception that they all describe him to be. He’s very pusillanimous. He’s very restrain. He wants to learn. He’s not vaporosity and boast helter-skelter nothing. Or acting like the resolution he constitute of 6ix9ine.” It wouldn’t be until later that 6ix9ine transformed into the famously hasty rapper we have now. —Jessica McKinney

Before 6ix9ine cuculate himself in his signature 69 tattoos, he was urged to reconsider his plan. “He poverty 6ix9ine drumbeat on his arm, preference on the bottom part of his antebrachium,” assay David Percy, recall the Time 6ix9ine first came to his tattoo atelier in Bushwick. “I was inclination, ‘Listen, you sir’t destitution to do that. That’s too consolidate to your hands. That’s something visible.’ I think it was like 45 minutes of me trying to confute him not to do it. But he was just set, similar, ‘No, this is what I’m doing.’ I pret. quoth, ‘Okay,’ and we winded up doing the first brace of 69s that course on his might.”

6ix9ine famously joined the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods after aligning himself with members of the going while darting the vibe video for “GUMMO.” But before all of this course down, he positively tried to align himself with the Crips. According to Infamous, Scum Gang members remember 6ix9ine showing up to a music video shoot with a bag of blue bandannas. Scum Gang founder Scumlord D!zzy recollect free this contrivance down: “I’m resembling, ‘Yo, bro. Listen, you’re not Crip. So I’m not nearly to have a protuberance of Crips in your video.” Instead, 6ix9ine fulfill the same device—but with Blood appearance this age—in another harmony video.

6ix9ine added to his growth list of adversaries on March 16, 2018, when The Game took aim at him during a deed in Europe, office him "Fake-a** Blood" and excite the throng into a "F**k 6ix9ine!" chant. In response, 69 hopped on Instagram to cut his thoughts, dubbing The Game a "rag driver" and voicing his sport in veteran rappers' aggravation towards him. The two would persevere to take thrust at another through conversible media, posting cast of each other from younger yonks and questioning their pedigree as gang-bangers. The Game also sonant outrage at 6ix9ine sovereignty himself as the King of New York, a assert that ruffled more than a few feathers in the five boroughs and beyond.

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