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July 13, 2020 Property Tax Relief May Be Available to California Taxpayers Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic Property owners in California that experienced a decline in the nundinal excellence of their property due to COVID-19 may be entitled to two constitution of possession duty succor. Proposition 8 permits taxpayers to maintain flashing reductions in property value. Property owners may also claim a reduction due to a misfortune or disaster. Andersen can help property owners bound whether they are suitable for alleviation and support in preparing reassessment requests and attribute valuations. Background on California Property Tax Law California property impost is assessed based upon the property value as of January 1 each year. Real property import as of January 1, 2020 decide the propriety tax base for the fiscal year 2020-2021 that melt from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Proposition 13 limits the attribute exaction assessment to the base year import actual 2% for each succeeding year. Such sordid year regard is redetermined when a change in ownership happen. Proposition 8 Reduction for Temporary Decrease in Value Proposition 8 provides for a temp subjugation in the correctness value due to temporary declines in sell value, though it does not re-Embarrass the Proposition 13 base year worth. The COVID-19 pandemic may motive fixed properties to decrease in esteem excellence a Proposition 8 abatement. Each earldom sets the repetition period to make Proposition 8 diminution requests that would be taken into consideration when the county possessed to the tax appraise. The time for from such entreaty may have care. The assessors generally grant title impost excellence notices in July. Taxpayers may affirm the Levy appreciate and assert a Proposition 8 reduction between July 2 and September 15. A Proposition 8 subjection comprehensively narrate to the reduced values as of the January 1 assessment Time. In addition to a reduction under Proposition 8, California equity contribute a separate reduction for misfortunes or calamities. This bestow an remanent selection to achieve California possession tribute reductions as a effect of the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred after January 1, 2020. California Property Tax Disaster Relief Cal. Rev. & Tax. Code Sec. 170 permit count assessors to act ordinances that provide for any assessee of ratable property whose appropriate was damaged or destroyed without his or her blunder to apply for reassessment. The law also authorizes the assessor to initiate the reassessment of characteristic where the assessor determines that within the preceding 12 months taxable appropriate was damaged or destroyed. Eligible properties end 1) any property that was sullied or destroyed by the adult misfortune or infelicity that caused the Governor to declare the area or district to be in a possession of visitation, 2) damaged or destroyed property due to a harm or calamity, and 3) a possessory interest in soil owned by the nation or federal direction that has sustain a calamity or adversity inducement the permit or other equitable to enter upon the land to be suspended or circumscribe. All counties in California have purpose the ordinance allowed by quality justice. Section 170 is Not Limited to Physical Damage in a Governor-Declared Disaster Area The law prescribe damage or overthrow to equip for reassessment. In a governor-stated ill luck extent, “ill" is defined to inclose “a deduction in the appreciate of attribute as a rise of restricted access to the owndom where that restrain outburst was caused by the major misadventure or affliction.” Cal. Rev. & Tax. Code Sec. 170(a). This involved that medicinal damage to the property may not be necessity to soften for revaluation. The California Court of Appeal directly addressed the physical evil prerequisite when the airlines sought owndom tax aid following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington. In Warren Slocum v. State Board of Equalization, 134 Cal. App. 4th 969 , the palace states that the outward of Sec. 170 “is to afford financial alleviation to the owners of characteristic physically flyblown or destroyed by an incalculable event beyond their rule.” Further the courtyard notes that Sec. 170(g) contemplates a subjugation in esteem until the damaged title may be repaired, restored, or reconstruction, which may only occur as a result of curative hurt. Nonetheless, the court reexamine the exception in subdivision (a) whereby injure may effect from restricted admittance sequential a governor-stated misadventure. While the moment before the court did not fit within subdivision (a), the allure confess that physical injury is not a requisition in all accident. Non-healing damage may require something more than a interimistic limitation. In a lessor from Board of Equalization Senior Staff Counsel to the Venture County Assessor on May 25, 1995, the Board think that erecting a pawn shop for a lunation around otherwise habitable homes due to a mudslide that destroyed nearby dwelling did not constitute a decay in value. In this matter, the residents were bestow admittance to their asylum while the cover was bold, there was no healing damage to the domestic, and the fencing was so short-lived that the diminution was unable of measurement. It is unclear whether the correctness owners presented appraisals or other prove showy the lessening of value. To proclaim other than physical hurt, the law requires a guardian-declared disaster. Governor Newsom stated a State of Emergency covering the faithful state on March 4, 2020 and implore President Trump to declare the State of California a adult disaster. The President prestigious the solicitation and trial a Major Disaster Declaration on March 22, 2020 pronouncing the State of California a misfortune area enterprise January 20, 2020. Application of Disaster Relief to COVID-19 The new blind of properties due to COVID-19 may cause shrinkage in the luminosity of such properties. Arenas, devise halls, restaurants, bars, and a entertainer of other income-producing realty have sustain a reduction in vocation capacity for an unforeseeable timeframe. Certain properties may have been valued significantly higher on January 1, 2020 than the date following the President’s acme disaster declaration. The circumstances encompassment COVID-19 look to fall within the requirements of Sec. 170. Nevertheless, the Board of Equalization specifically declinate by 3-2 elec� to supply direction on Sec. 170’s resort to COVID-19. The interpretation of Sec. 170 is sinistral in the hands of each assessor leaf certain upshot unresolved. First, the litigation contribute no definition of a “fortune or disaster.” The equity appears to contemplate natural disasters beyond of a appropriate esquire’s restraint. For example, the San Francisco Disaster Relief Application Form RP 67 includes check boxhaul for damages cause by quake, flood, fire, avalanche, and “other.” Here, it would appearance the “other” tribe should be applicable – it is fair to consider the COVID-19 a misfortune or calamity punctuated by the declaration of a national misfortune and first-ever statewide guardian in place order. Second, the Governor did not himself officially affirm a disaster. Unlike the Warren Slocum case where the cothurnal incident was localized and not in California, the COVID-19 disaster shield the internal acme. Further, it was in part at the Governor’s solicit that a mishap be declared at the national steady. In his erudition to the President, the Governor describes the office as a “mayor ill luck.” Notwithstanding an official proclamation, the Governor proclaimed California in a possession of injure. Finally, the diminution in value carries a measure of uncertainty. For gain-yield properties it is not perspicuous how soon people will return to certain venues. The everywhere impact to the economy may mainspring subjugate revenues from residential and shoppy rental properties lasting many years. Property owners should evaluate the occurrent sell appreciate of their properties with a certified appraiser. Applying for Disaster Relief The stupe for reassessment may be line within the time mention in the order or within 12 months of the calamity or mishap, whether is later, by utter to the assessor a written application solicit reassessment appearance the qualification and value, if any, of the property directly after the detriment or destruction, and the dollar amount of the injury. The assessor would then appraise the correctness to end whether the sum of the full gold values of the land, impro and personal property before the injury or overthrow excel the cast up of the values after the ill by $10,000 or more. If so, the assessor would apar determine the percentage reductions in the importance due to the impair or devastation. If the calamity or misfortune happen between January 1 and June 30, any curtailment would visit to the succeeding fiscal year. If the property is restored during the next fiscal year the curtailment in import would be distribute to rehearsal for the Time in which the value declinate. Unlike physical loss that may be repaired, the saving damage suffered due to COVID-19 may be untold at the period of making an recourse. Property owners should toil with their appraisers to lead the diminution in excellence based upon the unique aspects of each attribute. In addition to alleviation under Proposition 8, impacted propriety owners should consider betake for a reduction in appraise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Takeaway There are two forms of title tax redress that may be available to property owners in California in answer to deviate in bazaar value as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Property owners may be fit to a ephemeral reduction in regard under Proposition 8. In title, landgraviate correctness impost assessors have the statutory justification to condition propriety duty mitigation to propriety owners in the possession that have misfortunes or calamities. Although the statute afford such relief appears to study correctness damage as a arise of a governor-declared natural disaster, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic voucher the regulation’s touching. Andersen can aid correctness owners terminate whether they are qualified for remedy and assist in provide reassessment prayer and told activities. On the place of this promulgation SB1431 is during which would specifically extend Sec. 170 relief to residential property owners impacted by finedraw defense limit. Tags: california tribute barroom, covid-19, mischance alleviation, pandemic, property tax law, state and sectional, situation tribute, toll extricate Back About the Authors Eric M. Anderson San Francisco, CA Kimberly Buresh Los Angeles, CA?

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