I'm a UFO spotter say jo wood

 Jo Wood: I'm a UFO spotter 

Jo Wood adores scanning the skies for UFOs. 

The 65-year-old model and TV character - who was hitched to Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood for a very long time until 2011 – is persuaded outsiders exist after an odd experience she once had while on vacation in South America and another odd experience she had while flying on a plane when she spotted something odd out of her window, so if the night is brilliant she gets a kick out of the chance to go out in her nursery to check whether she can perceive any life from different planets drifting over the earth. 

Talking in HELLO! magazine, Jo - who has her own UFO-themed digital broadcast 'Outsider Nation with Jo Wood - stated: "I truly accept they exist. Since the time Ronnie and I saw this abnormal article drifting over the sea before dashing off at supersonic speed - while we were on vacation in Brazil - I've been fixated. 

"On a crisp evening, I come out and gaze up at the sky to check whether I can see another UFO." 

Prior this year, Jo's sibling, Paul Karslake, unfortunately passed on from Covid intricacies at 61 years old and she conceded the hardest thing about losing her kin was not having the option to express an appropriate farewell to him. 

She stated: ""I can't accept he's gone. Before he kicked the bucket, I addressed him on the telephone and stated, 'Please Paul, you will be okay.' But he realized how sick he was. 

"'No Jo, I'm f*****', he answered. The most exceedingly terrible thing was not having the option to see him. Indeed, even his burial service must be on the web." 

Jo recently conceded she is persuaded there are outsiders living among people on earth. 

She stated: "I think there are heaps of various sorts of outsiders out there - from the exemplary 'grays' with the large heads and eyes to ones that can transform to look precisely like people and covertly live among us. I'm certain I know a great deal of outsiders; there are some pretty peculiar individuals out there. 

"I believe that a few outsiders may be contemplating us. Others may very well visit, similar to travelers - 'How about we proceed to examine that blue planet over yonder.' "

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