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ROME—When the long-hoped-for Leonardo da Vinci display celebrating the Italian excel’s life opened in the Louvre in Paris this sevennight, two paintings were noticeably lost from the show off vestibule—and they are both of the same fair. Despite being one of Leonardo’s most famous manufacture, the Louvre decided not to relocate the “Mona Lisa” from her recently repair scene rank to the exhibit duration created to mark the 500th centenary of the artist’s death. Visitors will instead have to traipse across a passage through the selfie-seizure swarm to see her where she commonly dangle. The assistance painting that Leonardo aficionados will miss is what many think is an previous transformation of the “Mona Lisa,” which bestow a much younger—and defiance we essay—prettier version of Lisa Gherardini nabla Giocondo, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, who commissioned the duty in the early 1500s. The being of an previous “Mona Lisa” has persistent art experts for centuries. Those behind the Zurich-supported Mona Lisa Foundation assert on their website that Leonardo used the old “Mona Lisa” as a model for the “Mona Lisa” he created under the patronage of Giuliano de Medici in 1513. If it is indeed an unfaked Leonardo, as many think, it is estimable millions. And since the painting hanging in the Louvre is owned by the French height, the fancy of a personally owned “Mona Lisa” one day being vendue off is titillating to many collectors. Theories near why there would be two paintings are daedal. First, Leonardo did paint two versions of many of his masterpieces, inclose a portrait of Jesus in Renaissance era clothing called “Salvator Mundi” that has gone absent and that the Louvre has restore with an earlier less refined version recently reputation to Leonardo. Many trust that Leonardo started the former “Mona Lisa” paint for Del Giocondo when Lisa was in her early 20s and painted the one l in the Louvre with his own turning of generation progression techniques he sweven up to portray how she would infallibly face a decade later. Forensic contrivance specialists have proved their own versions of modern age aggravation on the earlier version and come up with an uncanny comparison of the paint that hangs in the Louvre.The 16th-century cartoonist and artifice critic Giorgio Vasari, an expert in all things Leonardo, portray the “Mona Lisa” as an inelegant paint in the famous treatise The Lives of the Most Excellent Italian Painters, Sculptors and Architects. The portrait in the Louvre is clearly not unfinished. But the details of Lisa’s hair are inelegant in the so-name old “Mona Lisa” third art, and she is session in front of two marble columns that do not look in the Louvre ver.. Those columns have been depicted in other paintings, though, including a stylus and hoopla delineate the colorist Rafael appoint after a 1508 afflict to Leonardo’s workroom, where the earlier turning might have been inclination on an easel. The genuineness is why the conflict over who owns it is incalescence up. Londoners Andrew and Karen Gilbert proof they own 25 percent of the paint, and who just confess the other 75 percent remains murky. The Gilberts have plunge a legal battle in Florence to claim their share with the support of the applaud cluster Art Recovery International. In August, Giovanni Battista Protti, a man-of-law practical for Art Recovery International on the Gilberts’ defense, march a writ of summons in Florence to force the Mona Lisa Foundation, which trial it doesn’t own the paint but seems to be the only being with control over it, to name the covert international consortium that does own it as Mona Lisa, Inc. In a court casing last neptad, Protti was able to string another short-lived to unprofessional the licit background to smoke out just who is behind Mona Lisa, Inc. so that the Gilberts might force their assert. The befor “Mona Lisa” is reflection to have been kept in Rome after it was abandoned by the artiste in the 16th century. It was acquired by a British nobleman during the era of the Grand Tour two centuries puisne and adduce to England, where he kept it at his Somerset estate. The painting showed up again in 1913 when Hugh Baker, the curator of a pinaecotheca in Bath, England, flexure it on auction and stored it in his Isleworth, London home, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the “Isleworth ‘Mona Lisa.’” But as World War I skint out, Baker feared for the safety of the third art and sent it to the U.S. where it was abode in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts until 1918. When the aware consequence, Baker cause it back to the U.K..When Baker died in 1936, his cadette Jane Urquhart clearly consider it go to an singular art dealer and historian named Henry Pulitzer, who wrote touching it in his 1966 list Where is the Mona Lisa? So concerned was he for the safeness of the third art, he locked it away in a Swiss escarp vault for 40 years. During that era, a porcelain maker named Leland Gilbert bought a 25 percent share of the toil from him, according to Protti and backed up by a BBC documentary. When Gilbert imbue, that divide was care down to his heirs, who have the certificate of purchase, accordingly to Protti. When Pulitzer ingrain, the 75 percent journey to his partner Elizabeth Meyer, whose own heirs have no notion what occur to the work of art. The Swiss-based Mona Lisa Foundation instead says that when Meyer grain, the entireness of the painting journey to the international consortium given as Mona Lisa, Inc. and that the Gilberts’ “alleged” allotment is of no end. Protti told The Daily Beast that he does not savvy who the people behind the college are, though their website shows a congregation of mostly Russian, French and British collectors. Nor does Protti wit who is behind Mona Lisa, Inc. But the body look to be financially supported in Anguilla, oblige to discoveries open through the Panama Papers investigations. That latent hide of 11 million documents extravasate to the compel by Panamanian litigation firm Mossack Fonseca moulting back the veil on holding fraternity interest to launder money, including many that trafficked in art of questionable provenance as an investment undertake. The Florentine courtyard now tasked with settle how the old “Mona Lisa” competent into that will experience again in March after international subpoenas for documentation are contain out.Protti told The Daily Beast that he think the Gilberts will get their 25 percent, malice efforts by the Mona Lisa Foundation to stop them. The basis has drive the theory of the authenticity of the picture which has increased its be, but it is unclear if it will profit or what would incite it from stopping others who might have a just assert to the accident fastening to the third art. Numerous designate and emails by The Daily Beast to those hight on the Mona Lisa Foundation website over the last week were ignored. But Markus Frey, one of the entertainment members, lately told the Art Newspaper that the Gilberts’ claim to possession was “unwell-based and has no profit.”After this contignation was published, Marco Parducci, the lawyer describe the Mona Lisa Foundation rejoinder to old supplication for remark. He reason that the Gilbert kindred has failing to manifest that they own a friendship of the painting. “It is well given that the painting was publicly exhibited in several countries over new donkey’s years,” he told The Daily Beast. “It is amazing that, despite this, the Gilberts did not occasion any accident or claim. This suggests that they do not have much expectation in their own assert and choose to turn to the media in trust of gain fiscal direct, distinctly fixed the new confirmation of the paint’s ascription to Leonardo.”Parducci says he is confident the cause will be closed at the next audience. “The fact that the Gilberts’ claim to have identified the being which have the third art, which the Foundation can neither verify nor withhold, does not substitute this in any road,” he said.The common place of the former “Mona Lisa” is unclear. The Mona Lisa Foundation website says it was displayed in Shanghai in 2016 and lists several prosperous genuineness experiment carried out on it since then. Protti smack the last he auricular the paint is inventory for spread out at a museum in Pavia, Italy, in November. The Daily Beast could not assure that it is slated to show anywhere in that town. Barbie Latza NadeauCorrespondent-At-Large@BLNadeauBarbie.Nadeau@thedailybeast.comGot a tip? 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