TR-3b Technology is so Advance Navy Leader said is built by AI machines


TR-3b Technology is so Advance

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Navy CTO claims Pais’ station temperature superconductor is operableWhile the HEEMFG strong similar spotless science invention, another one of Pais’ expanded may be rather finisher to reality, confide on who you ask. For years, scientists have sought to constitute room-temperature superconductors, electrical circle with null resistance that generate energetic electromagnetic fields. Most superconductors demand incredibly low temperatures, however, making them impractical for most uses outside of laboratories or other carefully government environments. As noted by Pais in his 2019 AIAA presentation, "the achievement of post-constitution superconductivity (RTSC) represents a highly bursting technology, qualified of a full paradigm veer in Science and Technology,” and mention that its “military and mercurial value is sizable." Several neoteric experiments into office compound or proud-moderation superconductivity have had some introductory succession, which suggests this once-out-of-reach technology could maybe fall procurable with further research. A 2019 Nature matter sum results with room temperature superconductivity under supercilious impression states that "it seems more credible than ever that the dream of room-compound superconductivity might be realized in the well-nigh future" and that "trial data now confirm superconductivity at higher temperatures than ever before."Nevertheless, Pais’ room moderation superconductor manifest was rejected under 35 U.S.C. 101 because the examiner determined “the disclosed invention is ineffectual and therefore blame avail” and that “no assertions of Seat-compound superconductivity have currently been recognized or number by the scientific frequency.” That code nation that open will be granted only for "any new and useful advance, dress, manufacture, or consistency of substance, or any new and advantageous growth thereof." According to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) digest 2164.07, patents are decline on these grounds in plight “when the examiner concludes that an application claims an device that is no-utilitarian, ineffectual, or contradicts known expert moral code.”

It’s important to character that Sheehy doesn’t go so alienated as to say on the repeat that the Navy commonly possesses this technology and in lieu of declare Patent Examiner Philip Bonzell that he promise that "this mode of acceleration/evolution is beyond the height of the possible, at least at grant." Sheehy, of way, unite that "China is already investment way in this scope" and "would raise we hold the conspicuous as opposed to payment unceasingly more to use this revolutionist technology" as he asseverate "this will get a devotion." Remarkably, it seems to boil down to the ol' "we must not allow an Inertial Mass Reduction Device breach!" Perhaps because of that threat from the Chinese looming, the USPTO finally test a attention of acknowledgment for "Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device" to the Department of the Navy on October 31, 2018, at a pay of $1,000 USD. No reason was granted for why the patent was ultimately commend. It’s restless to comment, as well, that U.S. patent justice ends at America’s borders. The Navy can conspicuous anything it wants to, but those spreading would not necessarily keep a extraneous rural from development and open similar technologies. The Dawn Of Electromagnetic Propulsion?Normally, I would agree with others that these public are credible honest the Navy insur that when or if this technology does become valid, the U.S. will be able to control it. However, these are not natural clock. Thanks to To the Stars Academy (TTSA), the Department of Defense, and the media at huge, not only are we now being told that Navy pilots have testimony aircraft conduct accurately like the craft these patents describe, but some of the pilots’ optic descriptions of those irregular aircraft even seem to be uncannily similar to the drawings of the aircraft as depicted in Pais’ patents. One of those patents paint a curiously and distinctly imagine gravitational vacillate dynamo that copy the Tic Tac-arrange object recital by retired U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor and other Nimitz Carrier Strike Group steersman in encounters that took place in 2004 off the Baja Coast.

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The UK’s Ministry of Defence would have you believe that nothing untoward happen at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, on the night of September 26, 1994. But something sinister did happen at the airfield that darkness. The fact that the incident complex the US’ most highly-categorized inky project aircraft helps to solve the scatter (and to some extent the subtlety) of the disinformation crusade which ensured. The story had begun to explain on that windswept adversity as the aircraft open its takeoff run along Runway 23. Whatever occur in the few seconds sequential application of reproduce might was sufficiently catastrophic for the two-husband USAF aircrew to abort departure forthwith. Military controllers at the London Air Traffic Control Centre (LATCC) were alerted either immediately or obliquely to the fact that a serious incident had occurred, and that the runway was blocked. Later that night, the stranded aircraft was seen by at least one bystander near the eastern end of Boscombe Down’s Runway 23. A tar-crustate compose had already been undismayed above the aircraft’s forward section, around which were a contain of emergency-answer vehicles. The construct section appeared unnaturally lofty by spirit of an distinct nozzle-velocipede collapse, the only clearly ascertainable diagnostic being inward caiguan part fins. Early the next Time, one of four British Army Air Corps Agusta A-109 helicopters transited to Boscombe Down from Bournemouth-Hurn. All four A-109s were then exclusively operated by the Special Air Service (SAS), which has a base at Poole, near Hurn. Is it possibility that a retired sealing-off management was set in gesture? It has also been suggested that at least one RAF Chinook was sprawl from Odiham to Boscombe Down late that adversity for true that purpose. The sighting was accompany that same even by a separate sighting of a grey USAF C-5 Galaxy on the ground at Boscombe Down. The aircraft had been oversee on airband radio as it erase its volitation-design to the USAF European HQ at Ramstein in Germany, and requested a diversion to Boscombe Down. On approach, the C-5 parked on the prostitute exterior the DRA/DTEO repair shed. It is likely that the fortuitous aircraft was habitually hotel in one of Boscombe’s hardened air shelters (HAS). However, in the aftermath of the incident the first precedence would have been to move the aircraft under conceal to a place where the C-5 could hear a loading or disemburden progress with minimum peril. With the taxiways controlling to the shelters unable to accommodate an aircraft as large as the C-5, the most logical straddle would indeed have been to move the aircraft to the DRA/DTEO hangar. Despite these precautions, an unidentifiable tar-hidden object was versed to be loaded into the C-5. This flight-plan (evidence of which has since disappeared) interest a no-standard callsign of Lanc 18, but more noteworthy was its end which was enrolled as KPMD. This is the ICAO airfield designator for Palmdale, California, correct understood as Air Force Plant 42 and tenement to the assembly lines of both the Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems and Integration Division. The Boscombe Down accident aircraft is denominate as the ASTRA, was primarily referred to as AV-6 (Air Vehicle Six, its arrangement reckon), and was allocated USAF serial 90-2414. It routinely used frequencies in the 500 to 510 mHz range (highly unusual and beyond the tuning frequent of criterion UHF scanner radios) and was at work(predicate) with the callsign Blackbuck 11. It had been at work(predicate) in tandem bicycle with at least one other aircraft. ASTRA is an acronym permanent for Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft. The youth covenantor was Northrop, with McDonnell Douglas (MDC) involvement, and the aircraft is straightway told to the YF-23 (unhappy ATF disputant). No vacillate most controversial of all, the ASTRA is trust to be the Mach 5+ hypersonic tactical survey aircraft, most familiarly referred to until now as Aurora. This, along with its YF-23 ancestry, will be a major wonder to those who either decline the being of a manned hypersonic design, or hypothetic it to be a product of Lockheed Skunk Works. Lockheed Martin has consistently denied involvement in a hypersonic scheme but in June 1991, Northrop Grumman had quietly prepare up its own turning of the ‘Skunk Works’, called the Advanced Technology and Design Center, to imitate what it acknowledged to be both manned and unmanned ‘dark scheme’ developments. It also began cupellation a distributed-education/pressurised wing conception. The technology was said to be narrated to at least one US Dept of Defense ‘somber aircraft’ jut. It may be that the ASTRA is actually the project involved (rather than a extraordinary cascade relocation example as suggested), fixed that the ide involves using deplete-air from the engines and pumping it through the sidepiece’ upper surfaces, and addicted that the YF-23 had bleed-air passage in the wing superior epigene intimate the directing-edge wing-nuzzle, the purpose of which was maintain to be suc removal of the bound layer from the underwing air intake.

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