Trump calls recently delivered UFO film 'one serious video'


Trump calls recently delivered UFO film 'one serious video' 

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called film from the Pentagon demonstrating "unidentified aeronautical marvels" "one serious video" and disclosed to Reuters he ponders "if it's genuine." 

Prior this week, the Pentagon authoritatively delivered three recordings that show what have all the earmarks of being unidentified flying articles quickly moving while recorded by infrared cameras. Two of the recordings contain administration individuals responding in wonderment at how rapidly the items are moving. One voice guesses that it could be a robot. 

"I simply keep thinking about whether it's genuine," Trump said of the recordings. "That is one serious video." 

The Navy had recognized the veracity of the recordings - which had been recently delivered by a privately owned business - in September. They authoritatively delivered them this week "so as to clear up any misinterpretations by general society on whether the recording that has been flowing was genuine, or whether there is a whole other world to the recordings," as per Pentagon representative Sue Gough. 

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In 2017, one of the pilots who saw one of the unidentified items in 2004 revealed to CNN that it moved in manners he was unable to clarify. 

"As I drew near to it ... it quickly quickened toward the south, and vanished in under two seconds," said resigned US Navy pilot David Fravor. 

Trump, who has regularly spread paranoid fears, is incredulous of UFOs. In a meeting with ABC News a year ago, the President said he'd had a gathering regarding the matter, yet that he's distrustful the quick moving articles are anything extraterrestrial. 

"I had one brief gathering on it," he said in the meeting. "In any case, individuals are stating they're seeing UFOs. Do I trust it? Not especially." 

The administration has been discreetly contemplating the chance of UFOs for quite a long time, with the Pentagon beforehand considering chronicles of airborne experiences with obscure articles as a feature of a since-covered arranged program that was dispatched at the command of previous Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. The program was dispatched in 2007 and finished in 2012, as indicated by the Pentagon, since they surveyed that there were higher needs that required subsidizing.

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