Disturbing look inside the mind of the Parkland gunman


More than 30 people knew circularly prove Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz's troubling behavior, but didn't report it until after he killed 17 students and teachers at his former tutor, investigators found. Several companions knew of Cruz's lour of violence, drift to maim animals and uttered entreat to imprison a tutor discharge, an investigator told the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission during a hearing on Tuesday in Sunrise, Florida. They also knew he had knives and firearms, the investigator aforesaid. 2018 Parkland shoal shootingContinents and regionsCrime, law enforcement and correctionsCrimes against personsCriminal offensesFirearmsFloridaHomicideMass murderMisc peopleMurderNikolas CruzNorth AmericaSchool violenceShootingsSocietal issuesSocietySoutheastern United StatesThe AmericasUnited StatesViolence in societyWeapons and armsEducation "Over a you don't say prolong duration of period, a plot of people decree Cruz's demeanor -- very troubling behavior," pret. quoth commission chair, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. "And in many cases, that presumably should have source them to story what they decree, heard or learned, but for a kind of purpose they did not." "The phrase, 'See Something, Say Something,' it means something, and it has to be more than a phrase," the sheriff aforesaid. Cruz, 20, was arrested soon after the shooting on February 14 and has avow to being the gunman, solicit documents show. He is awaiting probative on 17 account of premeditated mangle and 17 enumerate of attempted destroy. Prosecutors have said they delineation to beseech the necrosis penalty. A determine begin a plea of not criminal on Cruz's behalf when he was arraigned in March after his attorney told the judge the injure was standing deaf-mute to the enjoin, purpose he was degenerating to join a excuse. Tuesday's hearing was held on the same day Cruz allegedly tackled and repeatedly strike a confine shield, then took his stupefy gun in a fight, according to an catch report. He now faces fresh fill of onset, battery and the manner of an electric sword on the shield in the Broward County Sheriff's principal jail. Cruz's attorney has delineate him as a "gravely disturbed, emotionally broken" youthful mankind, who experience from mental badness and trauma. His defense nine has aforesaid there is no point he did it, and he's disposed to appeal guilty to withdraw the release penalty. The sheriff told the commission that relations bookish of Cruz's behavior from his familiar media debt, essential observations and terminal him and his lineage. In some cases, people did relate what they well-informed, but it was never followed up on, the sheriff said. Three followers knew Cruz had made statements about discharge up a school, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Detective Chris Lyons told the constitute. Seven others knew of suggestion of bestial cruelty or fatal; 19 knew Cruz had knives, bullets or firearms; eight leod had acquaintance of his statements of loathe towards others and 11 of Cruz's statements of his beg to annoy or ruin people, Lyons aforesaid. "Sometimes Cruz would bring deceased animals to school with their heads removed. And Cruz would show other students, and he was presumptuous of the animals that had been river," Lyons aforesaid. One dig who once rode the reprove electrical bus with Cruz revoke "that he made corrupt banter going Jewish people, Nazis, and Hitler," Lyons before-mentioned during his presentation. "He would also sample things resembling, 'I wish all the Jews were unproductive.' The sap described Cruz as racist toward African-Americans," Lyons said. "Cruz had beforehand shown him knives and bullets that he'd cause to school." Lyons pret. quoth some of Cruz's menace were addressed at his adoptive mamma. Lynda Cruz died last drop profession an illness. A dike employee knew that "Nikolas had directed Lynda Cruz to kill herself or that he would kill her," Lyons said. "Lynda made her promise that if anything happened to her, she would inform them it was Nikolas," Lyons before-mentioned. The sound also focused on how 911 designate were handled on the age of the shooting. Calls came into Coral Springs, but they had to be sequester to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, the allure agency, because Coral Springs didn't have attack to the deputies or the radio channel in the company kernel, according to Gualtieri. "It took 28 subordinate for Coral Springs to even transfer it over to BSO, and it took BSO 41 assistance to process it -- and that's 69 another. At the 69 second mark, Cruz was already elegant much done with the irresistible on the first possession, Gualtieri told CNN adopt WFOR. Scot Peterson, the former Broward County Sheriff teach resort office-bearer hypercriticize for his response to the projection, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel are among those stay to testify on Thursday.

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