Tesla launches own tequila with crazy-looking bottle and high price tag

Tesla has at long last delivered its Tesla Tequila, affectionately nicknamed 'Teslaquila" by numerous individuals in the Tesla people group. You can purchase up to 2 jugs for $250 each. Having recently praised my birthday yesterday, I spent lavishly and treated myself to a container. 

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Tesla Tequila Is Here — See If Your State Allows Shipments 

November fifth, 2020 by Johnna Crider 

Tesla has at long last delivered its Tesla Tequila, affectionately nicknamed 'Teslaquila" by numerous individuals in the Tesla people group. You can purchase up to 2 containers for $250 each. Having recently commended my birthday yesterday, I rampage spent and offered myself a jug. 

How Tesla Tequila Is Made 

Tesla Tequila is a select, little tat premium de agave tequila añejo that is produced using economically sourced good country and marsh agaves. It has been matured for a very long time in French oak barrels and afterward filled a hand-blown glass bottle. As indicated by Tesla's Tequila page, the flavor is that of dry products of the soil vanilla nose with a fair cinnamon pepper finish. The container is wonderfully planned into a lightning jolt that represents what Tesla is about. 

Tesla Tequila is delivered by Nosotros Tequila, which has won a Double Gold honor for its "Reality's Best-Tasting Tequila." Nosotros has novel sourcing of its agave, half from the good countries of Jalisco and half from the swamps. Both of its tequila items, blanco and reposado, are made with Blue Weber agave. 

Blanco is otherwise called silver tequila and truly outstanding for blending. It is frequently packaged just after its last refining — regularly held in treated steel, oak, or different holders for under 60 days. Reposado, which implies relaxing or rested, regularly alludes to tequilas that have been matured for in any event two months in oak barrels. 

Tesla Tequila is reposado and is produced using the blanco and put in barrels that have been delicately singed. The consumed wood communicates with the tequila over the long run to make a flavor while progressing the crude soul. The site noticed that most tequilas are matured in old American oak barrels — they utilize French which has a gentler profile and contact that supplements the agave. The taste has notes of nectar, cinnamon, vanilla, and even butterscotch. 

Shockingly, few out of every odd state will permit its occupants to buy a jug, yet fortunately, Louisiana isn't one of those states. The states that permit shipments are: 







Locale of Columbia. 











New Hampshire. 

New Jersey. 

New Mexico. 

New York. 





Rhode Island. 






As indicated by the advertising duplicate, the alcohol is "a select, little bunch premium 100% de agave tequila añejo." An añejo is regularly matured from one to three years in oak; this one was matured for a very long time. 

Tequila, similar to Champagne, is dependent upon exacting section of-cause rules; tequila must be made in one of five Mexican states. It should likewise be produced using blue agave, among different guidelines. (Mezcal, a comparable beverage, can be produced using a few assortments of agave.) According to the site, the item was created by Nosotros Tequila, a California-based brand. On Nosotros Tequila's site, it says its agave is sourced in Jalisco, one of the allowed states. 

In 2018, Musk ran into some issue with the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico (CRT), after he'd tweeted a "visual guess" of a jug. The issue had to do with a patent application that didn't fit with the tequila division of-root rules. At that point, Reuters detailed the CRT said that if Tesla needed to create a tequila, "it would need to connect itself with an approved tequila maker, follow certain norms and solicitation approval from Mexico's Industrial Property Institute."
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