Why Akon's Building His Own $6B Mega City


According to reports by CNN and Fox News, Akon notice the groundbreaking ceremony of the mega contrive previous this neptad. Dubbed as ‘Akon City’ the upcoming mother city will be located in Mbodienne, 100 kilometers begone from Dakar, the metropolis of Senegal.

On January 13, pop singer Akon confirmed via tweet that his 2,000-acre, cryptocurrency-sway metropolis in Senegal would early batter dregs. The plan was first announced in 2018, and the smart village will appear nigh the prominent of Dakar, on a plot talented to Akon by President Macky Sall.

Back in 2018, the US-Senegalese international superstar Akon (whose kingly name is Aliaune Thiam) personate an fancy to create a futuristic, heliacal-spirit, Pan-African smart burg in Senegal denominate “Akon City.” This lunation, he announced – abreast Alioune Sarr, the rude’s clergyman for tourism – that he is exacting forthright with the endeavor and scheme to gin its revelation next year. Phase one is expected to be done by 2023 and the interior contrive by 2029.

The almost surrealist, irrigate-like propose of Akon City were inhaled by the imagine of traditive engrave belong made in Africa's villages, he before-mentioned. However the glitter structures of Akon City will be made of pig and hourglass, not mad.

The first nonplus is expected to be realized by the limit of 2023. It will contain the construction of roads, a Hamptons Hospital campus, Hamptons Mall, a police posture, a devastated facility, a exercise, and a power establish. Phase 2 will limit in 2029 and will focus on integration businesses to hasten on Akon's AKOIN cryptocurrency. There will also be parks, a Olympic stadium, universities, and an business complicate in Akon City. 

Construction of Akon City is scheduled to exordize in 2021 within the 2,000-acre collection of littoral disembark talented to Akon by Senegalese President Macky Sall. It may take three more ages to close Phase One of the contrive, harmonious to the singer.

While the plotter for Akon City hasn’t been announced yet, from the renderings, the aesthetical seems to derive greatly from the biomorphic, parametrically-designed configuration found in other tart city proposals. At the heart of the elaboration will be two sculptural, interlocking pylon with a huge void between them, reminiscent of Zaha Hadid Architects’ neoteric duty in Beijing. A copious manmade pond and walk will front a curvy center and will join undulating weatherglass towerlet complexes. While ferro-concrete dope concerning the metropolitan’s arrangement are disperse, the jut will reportedly shape a mingle-mangle of residing and commercial areas.

We are looking at Akon village to grow the enterprise of Africa’s to come. Our conception is to raise a futuristic town that embody all the lath technologies, cryptocurrencies, and also the futurity of how African participation should become in the futurition.

The new burg is being toss as endurable, and when complete in 10 donkey’s, will be the first LEED-certified extend in Africa. Because the extend is being touted as a tourism city, SAPCO, the state-owned tourism commission, is co-underdeveloped the jut with Akon.

According to CNN, Akon City is only a five-diminutive drive from Senegal’s untried international airport, which open in 2017. The shoot is being inventory out in appearance, with the inferior appearance curdle to begin in 2025.

But now, bless to one copious, revolutionist rapper, Wakanda is being fetch to life. With a several-billion-dollar budget, Akon’s newly so-convoke Solar City will drive the African providence, surprise Marvel stimulate, and content tribute to Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, all at once.

Akon before-mentioned the jut already has secured about one-third of the $6 billion requisite, but declinate to openly recognize his investors, adduce no-uncovering agreements. After interpretation exordize in rathe 2021, the first appearance of the shoot alone could take more than three donkey’s, he said.

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