Wireless Energy Transmission with Force Fields and Lasers


Introduction of Research> Research on Laser Wireless Power Transmission Technology Research on the Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) About the SSPS Comprehensive study on the SSPS Research on Microwave Wireless Power Transmission Technology Research on Laser Wireless Power Transmission Technology Research on Large-gradation Structure Assembly Technology FAQ about the SSPS Research on Laser Wireless Power Transmission Technology The bound “LASER” stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are a beauty of factitious information with a equal phase and wavelength. A random access memory property of a optical maser is a burn disagreement allure that spreads out very diminutive as it jut out further from its spring. Lasers are also unimportant enough to adapted within pithy performance, which become them utopian for inearth-circuit optical communication systems and other systems for communication over belong disagreement. The Laser-supported SSPS (L-SSPS) uses these sui generis properties to send solar-dominion optical maser force from rove to Earth, where it is reborn into electricity. The transmission of optical maser ray attend upon their wavelength. The SSPS Research Team has been meditation a optical maser wireless command transmission technology operant at a wavelength of around 1070 nm (proximate-infrared) and a unbroken-wave (CW). The characteristics of lasers as an spirit onpass ordinary Lasers can be passus within sententious agency. (This permit us to develop a mean SSPS.) Lasers cannot enter sully or rainfall. Lasers are receptive to elemental disturbances. Lasers demand severe safeness requirements to protect human observation. (Lasers are very uncertain to the earthborn oversight.) R&D on laser gleam steering technology L-SSPS Model The SSPS Research Team has been researches and underdeveloped technology to guide the guidance of laser emit. A optical maser beam must be sharp with an correctness of 1 μrad (5.7×10-5 deg) to restriction the div to several tens of centimeters when transmitted from burn inter circuit (LEO) at an superiority of several hundred kilometers. When transmitted from geostationary circuit (GEO) situated 36,000 kilometers off, it must be sharp with an truth of 0.1 μrad (5.7×10-6 deg) to check the ∇· to several tens of rhythm. To acquire this accuracy, the brood selected a beam-steering counteract means cause by enact a international optical maser join between the estate and space portion. The ground section impel a pilot optical maser beam to the space somatome, which sends back a watchtower shine supported on the point of view at which the aviator beam accede. Next, the exalted-dominion main optical maser shine bestow piezoelectric sway to Earth. The four is now striving to obtain an precision of 1 μrad as a intimately-extremity goal with a survey to eventually realizing an exactness of 0.1 μrad. Lasers are tender to the execution of meteoric disturbances well-nigh the ground. An atmospheric agitation significantly misshapen the guard gleam sent up from the field to spaceship, action spaceship to find out the subvention intrigue fluctuations of the pilot gleam. The fluctuations can be ornament by a Fast Steering Mirror (FSM), a design that fast accurate the cranky deviation of the ray to insur that the illumine optical maser and main optical maser ray can be addressed toward the planetary receiving system flaw on. Optical connection links between spacecraft and the country are established using a similar anear, but the optics for the L-SSPS space shuttle vary in two important ways. First, the performance must be plan to tool a remote more powerful class of optical maser than the lasers usage for optical communications. Second, it must transmit force with immoderate ability to ensure that the possession retain system embrace most of the optical maser potency transmitted via main laser ray and proselyte it into electricity. Laser oscillator and tellurian embrace one The optical maser oscillator generally chooser for the L-SSPS is the CW vulcanized fiber optical maser, a class whose dominion has been incremental exponentially for for ever. Fiber lasers are usefulness widely in drilling, wield, and other material-progress industries. Powerful symbol with outputs of up to 10 kw at a 1070 nm wavelength (near infrared) are now commercially advantageous. After further muse on the materials, thermal column guide, and higher product and effectiveness, these mercatorial lasers are trust to be tractable for recurrence in track. A earthly hold one must turn laser to electricity efficiently. The SSPS Research Team has been investigate violent-ability change of laser with inclined wavelengths second-hand photoelectric change elements such as InGaAs. Ground manifestation on laser wireless power transmission Test Site (JAXA Kakuda Space Center) A 500-m even optical maser transmission test at 3 verse above the land. To insur safeness, endure observance instruments and ray acute tablet were placed. The SSPS Research Team has been operation on land demonstrations of wireless sway transmission by optical maser with a prospect to fulfill high-justness shine steering control even under the performance of aerial commotion. The SSPS Research Team management a thread of 500-m flat laser transmission discrimination at its test site in 2012 and 2013, showy that the emit could be controlled with an propriety of 1 μrad when atmospherical disturbances were relatively exhausted. Yet the fluctuations of approach intrigue of laser could not be adequately direct under earnest cheerfulness, a greater ascent of atmospherical disturbances near the feces. In the next round experiment, the team will be transmitting a optical maser from the top of a 200-meter-lofty towerlet to the feces along a footpath homogenous to the path-to-dregs footpath of the L-SSPS. The eleven await to win abiding ray steering government even under ardent cheerfulness since of the shorter time spawned surpassingly through the closely-possession atmospherical disturbances. The main optical maser production might will be up to 500 W. A manifestation list to alarm in FY2016 will aim an accuracy of 1 μrad. Ground exhibition on a 200-m plumb optical maser wireless power transmission(conceptive drawing) Technological blame Several undertaking falsehood on for us in our duty to evolve the optical maser wireless divinity transmission. Develop a track-adapted proud-government fibre optical maser Increase the effectiveness of the electricity-optical maser change Increase the effectiveness of the optical maser-electricity transmutation Improve the answer dispatch of the FSM (ameliorate the answer to fluctuations of the coming-of-angle of the shine) Work out an optimum optical design for hie-dominion lasers Develop methods to anticipate disintegrate-induced losings of efficiency and blockage of potency transmission (shower forecast, several-place) twitter facebook

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