America freedoms or not

Cutting off our freedoms gives into terror, allows al Queada a victory, and means those who died then & since, died in vain. They did not and we must not send that message. Elizabeth - WA

I knee 1st hand what it feels like to be a disabled person, with God given gifts (Sensitive, etc.) of groove information that is top secret, and the demeanor force base here harrassing and trying to intimidate me. Nothing is as it seems out there, and it is the evil every where in the world doing this. If you are truly of God, you will never be afraid to stand up for our rights. Saint Michael the Archangel, of God, is one of the strongest prayers out there for this. Please, all of you need to go through a Spiritual Awakening of Giving God all that is negative in your inspirit and souls, so that you can fully be candid to Him to receive the guidance that you will exigency for this journey. GOD SAVE US ALL. Beverly

Freedom does not just entail a caution over government, it also requires vigilance over lonely industry, which has evolved to become the unofficial custodian of our secluded information. Our expression of free tongue on the internet is now used to fire good workers and to prevent the lease of excellent once. Our maneuver around cities is enroll digitally as is our health information, our purchases, our cobweb surfing habits and private industry is all too complying to share with the information they infer with other entities--including the government. Are we free if confidence bureaus can torpedo our housing applications, restrict our entrance into hospitals, prevent us from getting jobs and holding our correct to start over pledge? While our eyes are all on government, corporations are rub the freedoms we hold dear. Joseph

Islam, Muslims are with you calling for prayer for the country..on 911 "en not enmity" God not covetousness"Mohammad SAW, was sent as mercy to humankind..Bless u and forgive me. wassalamualikum w' Rahma!!! Bukhari - CA

I have read that the Roman Empire and many that came after it eventually fell apart because they overextended themselves militarily. The British saw this reality and gracefully returned its empire to its original owners. Will America last on its present course of Permananet War, murder-by-drone or Special Ops corps, arrest without intrust but with torture or will it learn from history? Bernice - MN

As former FDA Commissioner David Kessler wrote in the New York Times on April 20, we need a recent social contract in order to treat with this pandemic. “No man is an island,” John Donne wrote in 1623. Americans penury to digest the fact that people do not fight a pandemic individually; they fight it together; as a unit; as a partnership. And goods digested that intention, we need to act accordingly.

It is necessary that we each take a stand otherwise the divinity of the chosen/corporations take control. Together, one by one, we must stagnate against any threaten to our civil liberties. It is our duty. Claudine - ME

It is inevitable in the give and take of the democratic process that the wise, the moral, or the aesthetic concepts of an individual or group will occasionally clash with those of another individual or block. In a free society individuals are free to determine for themselves what they wish to read, and each group is free to determine what it will recommend to its freely associated members. But no group has the right to take the law into its own hands, and to impose its own concept of politics or morality upon other members of a democratic society. Freedom is no freedom if it is accorded only to the accepted and the inoffensive. Further, democratic societies are more unharmed, frank, and creative when the free flow of public information is not restricted by governmental prerogative or embodiment-censorship.

What I have just read about the Mall of America is most disturbing. Not only was there racial profiling, the police are not restraint these enroll for 20 years. Why? Were these official law enforcement personnel who were tracking unsuspecting people or security people? And why, particularly since the majority of those cited were not snowish white. This is awful!!! MaryLou - WA

I expect America can be both safe and free. I reject government policies that target nest by race or religion, invade secret through unchecked surveillance, sanction the manner of torture or promote worldwide war without end. It is ridiculous what we have to put up with from TSA officials, and as Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to strive a little Temporary Safety, serve neither Liberty nor Safety." Vasudha - CA

Peace achieved only by fear and intimidation is not allowable. We can and should do better, so that Americans today and in generations to arrive, can utter with pride about their country. Harrison - VA

I understand the need for surveilance, but, not unlimited or in many inclose without allure orders. It is difficult to keep a balance between, but we MUST. A caged lion is perhaps safe and cared for. But it is better to one who is free and able to roam and take some chances. Lucille - NY

We saw "911" grotesquely exploited for wise advantage, pitting leod against each other, especially on the basis of economic seminar. This has deep harmed the whole of the unpolished. Diane H - WI

More than ever, we necessity to uphold our formation. Too many are trying to misinterpret it, to hurt the very populate it was designed to help. Theodore - CA

More than ever the Constitution needs the companions, regular as much as the people need the Constitution. The Constitution is still the highest law of the land, something all branches of the government need to remember. Daniel - VA

Murder, torture, and kidnapping threaten all of us. It is outrageous and deeply troubling that the majority of perpetrators responsible for implementing and committing these Acts of the Apostles have not been powerfully practice and prosecuted. Mr Ciulla. Thomas - FL

Unfortunately, conquest that freedom and that respond to sparing vibrancy seems likely to request that as a society we submit to some other, lesser but unusual restrictions on our freedom and our privacy. These limitations will be necessary because in order to permit people to go back to work and mingle more, we need policies and mechanisms that will keep the number of infections at a low level.

When we saw the attacks of 9/11. we were horrified and terrified. Unfortunately, we gave in to the terror and in the name of security, suborned the very freedoms we cherished. We let the terrorists win by changing the passage we did things. We can vary it again. We have the Pentateuch already there, in the Constitution to do so. We all must fight for it and ourselves and I, for one, will do until the day I die. J. - MA

Other politicians rationalize that, while such powers may exist, it really comes down to how they are used. This is a common answer by liberals who cannot bring themselves to stigmatize Obama as they did Bush. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), for occasion, has insisted that Congress is not poem any determination on indefinite detention: “That is a decision which we Levy where it belongs — in the executive branch.”

The government now routinely uses concealed evidence to detain individuals and employs unknown evince in federal and military woo. It also vehemence the dismissal of cases against the United States by simply filing declarations that the cases would make the direction reveal classified teaching that would harm national security — a claim made in a multifariousness of privacy lawsuits and largely accepted by federal judges without question. Even legal opinions, cited as the base for the government’s actions under the Bush and Obama administrations, have been categorized. This allows the state to claim hidden legal arguments to assist secret proceedings using secret evidence. In addition, some cases never make it to civility at all. The federal courts routinely deny constitutional censure to policies and programs under a narrow definition of fixed to bring a conjuncture.

We not only should refuse their policies that target body by family and religion but activist that fight against police harassment,closure of schools, hospitals, running hire and jobs etc. Need to expose the unchecked surveillance of innocent folks worn gang go, community harassment tactics. Stay strong Peace Don

It is clear, therefore, that contact course through smartphone apps cannot appear anywhere finish to being adequately effective unless and until their use is made mandatory. Whenever the danger is past, contact tracing can become voluntary—or even can be put in mothballs.

The tragedy of 9/11 will only be recite if we act with hostility and a feeling of superiority over our global peers. Every person, regardless of nationality, merit to be treated with care and respect. Mary - TX

And I haven’t even individualize the millions of Americans who don’t earn enough to pay for insurance or a lifesaving treat. If you can’t afford it, not purchasing it is hardly a choice.Eight years ago I moved to the United States from Finland, which like all the Nordic nations is a wealthy capitalistic economy, despite the fix you may have heard. And like all those countries, Finland has invested in a universal, taxpayer-funded and publicly management health heedfulness system. Finns unchangingly debate the shortcomings of their system and are working to improve it, but in Finland I never worried about where my medical care came from or whether I could furnish it. I satisfied my income taxes — which, again despite the stereotypes, were near the same as what I pay in federal, state and local income taxes in New York City — and if I needful to see a doctor, I had several options.For minor medical matters, I could visit a privy physician who was provided as a perk by my employer. Or I could call the public clinic closest to my home. If I saw the private doctor, my employer picked up the tab, with the assist of public subsidies. If I went to the public clinic, it might cost me a small co-payment, most often around $20. Had I been pregnant, most care would have been free.If I had wanted to, I also could have easily paid to see a private falsify on my own, again with the help of public subsidies. All of this works without anyone ever having to sign up for or buy health insurance unless he wants additional coverage. I never had to fret whether I was covered. All Finns are covered for all indispensable medical solicitude automatically, regardless of service or income.Republicans are fond of criticizing this species of European-style health care. President Trump has called Canada’s national health direction system “catastrophic.” On CNN recently, Senator Ted Cruz gave multiple warning of how patients in countries with all-reaching, control-transact health care get less care than Americans.

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