Among Us Has "Secret Things" Planned Beyond New


Among Us is ready to monitor its upcoming map as nicely as 'even greater mystery matters for December' at The Game Awards.

So far, Among Us has 3 maps. However, Inner-sloth had currently teased an photo of a fourth map. Given that the brand new map will include its personal set of particular responsibilities and puzzles, it stays to be visible how a whole lot Inner-sloth will honestly monitor approximately the brand new map.

Another thriller in an effort to be exposed on the Game Awards is the 'mystery matters' that Among Us could be going into December. This statement from Among Us has gotten the network so excited that many had been inclined to miss typing mistakes with-inside the statement.

Here's what InnerSloth should monitor on the Game Awards.

Among Us 'surprise' monitor on the Game Awards

Apart from the standard map info concerning new responsibilities and puzzles, it's also predicted that Inner-sloth may monitor different information about the brand new map. These info is probably vital for game-play and the way gamers may also must adapt to the brand new map. It stays to be visible if the brand new map can have a holiday-themed appearance.

The launch date for Among Us' new map isn't always but known. The builders have additionally made it clean that the brand new map is presently nonetheless being labored on. However, the improvement crew is attempting their pleasant to get the map geared up as quickly as possible.

What the precise mystery famous from Among Us on the Game Awards isn't always known. One factor this is for sure is that fanatics are extraordinarily enthusiastic about the recreation's nomination on the Game Awards. Given that Among Us became first launched in 2018 however simplest got here have become famous in 2020, it's far a big feat for an indie recreation to make it to the Game Awards.

With all being stated and heard, it's far secure to mention that Among Us may simply scouse borrow the display on the Game Awards tonight. However, the network has to attend till the Game Awards digital rite starts to discover what Among Us has in keep for the fanatics in December.

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