Fortnite Crazy Snipper unqualified Star Destroyer.

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Young me has a lot of loving memories of blasting evil clowns in CarnEvil, and while this Fortnite map isn't a rail shooter, it gives off plenty of spooky open vibes. Even improve, with low gravity and some well-office bumpers, you can go skyrocketing to other floating platforms in the distance to gain the advantage. Eat it, Ludwig von Tokkentakker.

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Lastly, there's mention of a Dragon Breath Sniper rifle, which seemingly made an appearance in the pierce trailer, and a Frozen SMG, which may possibly be something that'll arrival during this year's Winterfest consequence. Only time will tell how many of these weapons will ultimately arrive in the game, however.

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From Mustard Plays, a well-known YouTuber, this recreation of Laputa (otherwise known as the titular "Castle in the Sky" from the Hayao Miyazaki movie) is one part puzzle adventure and one part solid storytelling. You're basically climbing your road through the guts of the castle before attack the idle robot guardians, culminating in a fairly cool cinematic moment. If you're curious what kinds of storytelling tricks Fortnite creative mode is capable of, this is a great example. I wouldn't call it a 1:1 recreation of everything we see in the motion picture, but it's definitely a great achievement.

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This chart is full with rockets, asteroids, and spacey buildings to shoot and swing your street around in low-dignity. The first player to 20 kills wins, but you'll have plenty of fun careening from one end of the delineate to the other with the flint pistol and plumber's friend grappling gun. It's honestly a little challenging at first until you acclimate to what the creator is going for, meaning you'll fall to your death before you become a true zero-G death machine.

Some of the best go-kart course in Fortnite creative mode are the ones where you're psychiatrist down and racing among the extirpate and lawn critters. This modern house track has it all: A weak pond to jump over, a muscle car to drive under, a whole bunch of hidden routes that only observant drivers will notice, and much more.

MakaMakes details how he made the airport in the video above, and it's genuinely cool to see someone work through the process and explain how they created something with a relatively limited determine of instrument. Evidently, he had to make the sniff of a plane with snowballs from the snowman gallery of items. That's just talent.

A smart, fun sniper map that comes with four separate modes: Sniper rifles, obeisance, rocket launchers, and shotguns. The pleasant tropical, whitewashed insensibility architecture is punctuated by a bunch of regulate jump pads that can launch you vertically or horizontally across a breach. It's not quite Quake, but it's one of Fortnite's closest approximations.

Another creation from MakaMakes, an absolute master of the Fortnite Creative craft. Like the title says, this is legitimately an unqualified Star Destroyer. It's got everything from the bridge where you'd see British character actors sneering about incoming disobedient fighters, a couple of hangars full of TIE Fighters and one of those Imperial shuttles the rebellion uses to infiltrate Endor, and even a cafeteria, bathrooms, and stormtrooper quarters. Because what kind of fascist space Nazi army would set out into space without a place to feed and sleep? You really need to explore the outside of the ship to get a true feeling of the scale, which you can do by true double-jumping and flying around. Look at the idol above. See that little black dot near the front of the argosy? That's me! Also worth noting, when you overleap into the map, it will look like you're in space. The do over mode (where you can take photos) doesn't show that off, so you'll definitely be getting the full Imperial experience.

Created by x-Labo AKA Reddit user White-Faracha, this gorgeous castle includes a stunningly commensurable courtyard with water features, and several clear to explore. It's not reinventing a wheel or anything, it's just from it really pretty to gawk at.

Since Fortnite's increasingly popular battle royale mode launched last year, players have been able to pull off some incredible feats. Recently, Fortnite player SaproFX was competent to annex some of his gameplay to the game's growing list of noteworthy moments, as he was able to pick off an unfriend in midair with an incredibly unlikely sniper shot.

A lovely, scenic harvest landscape for circumference war shootouts. The typical table of subside colors merge really well together, and I appreciate that the streams of weaken are more decorative, rather than compulsion you to swim and discover yourself to enemy fire. Items are super-sized and easily spotted, which helps keep the focus on combat rather than searching for innuendo.

A pretty good five round, 16-player battle royale map with a fate of verticality and exuberance of shock pads. If you like your autumnal vibes, this has plenty of it.

Even if you've never played Counter-Strike, you've definitely auricular of de_dust2. The most popular CS plate known to mankind has been recreated with striking truth by Team Evolve. Scale is a stubborn thing to really nail in Fortnite, being a third-person game and all, but Evolve has really made those predicament feel just as deadly as the original scheme. Check out their similitude video below.

Everybody like a commendable biome, and this mini battalia royale map has several of them, including icy tundras, desiccate deserts, ghoulish fortresses, and a crass campground forest. It's a brief insipid, probable a lot of custom maps are forced to be, but I estimate the diversity on descry, and you'll have some fit globular with friends here. Even better, when I explored the planisphere it felt like loot was prolific, meaning everyone should have a fair shot at winning.

A significantly less buggy experience than the real Cyberpunk. Explore an impeccably designed bit of neon city streets severe to solve some entangle, succor out a few citizens, and avoid the watchful eyes of killer corpo bots.

We here at PC Gamer love us some Stanley Parable, with its hilariously omniscient narrator and ability to surprise us with reality-bending player choices, like some sort of Muppet caper gone wrong. This map rebuilds the basic concept of the Stanley Parable and puts a fresh Fortnite writhe on it, arise in eight possible endings.

Sure, Epic is finished with copying other games like Among Us, but the creative mode likeness is alike adept at making functional clones of other games. Remember Flappy Bird? Well, now he's a Baller vehicle trying to avoid stuff field walls. It's a frank diversion, but those are often the best once.

As of September 2020, Fortnite officially has ray tracing capabilities, forward your PC can crop it. Epic has created an functionary map plan to show off all those RTX abilities, embrace improved reflections and shadows, real-time global illumination, , and ambient occlusion. Godspeed, dulcet GPUs.

If you're inconversant with how to burden an island, head into Fortnite Creative, full up to a featured rift, and hold down the 'Use' key to bring up the code menu. Pop it in, oppose the island load, then walk into the rive to commence. 

Players cease into a comforting shallow skirt rife with Halloween decorations, then ring on all the doorbells to get sword before a timer runs out. Once the clock hits zero, it's deathmatch time, with velocity houses occasionally giving our increasingly rare weapons. There's a creepy corn maze, a cul-de-sac, and even the snobbish mansion on the hill that's gone way too far on the yard.

The information above is sorted by most sport between June 1 and June 30. These are the top islands for each game sign, exuberant from top to bottom. Some of these games have been featured, others have reached the top with no form! * - Indicates the island was a Featured Island in June. ^ - Indicates the island was a part of the matchmaking test in June.

The PC Gamer team absolutely loves Rainbow Six Siege, and this instantly recognizable recreation of the game's House map is more than just a pretty face. I won't say the "fully destructible" claim is totally true, though: I noticed a couple of chary walls that appeared to be locked in place, but otherwise, you can reanimate a quantity of your top dog infringement-and-clear scenarios here. 

You knew this one was coming. Ever since Rocket League and Fortnite teamed up for a crossover enterprise, of course someone would confederate the two in creative mode. You race around on Fortnite's ATVs, doing that familiar Rocket League thing of severe to Bill goals, and while you can't walk the walls, the arena is absolutely saturated with bright neon lights, so it perceive likely home.

KingYoshi, the fashioner of that cool Ninja Warrior deathrun, has divert Royal Raceway from Mario Kart. Even better, if you have enough players, you can throw items from the back of your golf cart like Double Dash. Peep Peach's stronghold for a little Easter egg, too.

Everyone loves Duck Hunt, and while there isn't any dog to get revenge on, you'll certainly experience almost as satisfied shooting your favorer out of the sky. One team transform themselves into rubber duckies and latch around collecting wood to drop into tree, while the other team turns them into red paste with randomized dagger. In my age with it, the controls felt really smooth, and I could see this becoming a fun diversion for a small group of friends.

"I feel like mouse and keyboard players still aren't going to be happy, because there's still noticeable aspiration assist," Rodey continued. "It's not as sticky and magnetic as it once was, but yeah, you still 100% feel this."

A good chunk of the PC Gamer crew lives in the gulf area, so call us biased, but this take on the Golden Gate bridge as a zone push map works in all the ways you'd want it to. Long sight lines down each car-filled lane provides for tense firefights.

New Islands on the list TILTED ZONE WARS (XA) - Feeling nostalgic? This ait takes the classic look of Tilted Towers and brings the original community-made game of Zone Wars into Chapter 2. Hone your endgame skills with random spawns and loot each whisper. 100 LEVEL DUMB-RUN 2! - Test your patience and parkour skills in this Featured Island deathrun. 100 levels of parkour jumps, dodging traps and bumper spring. Who doesn't like a good deathrun? Red vs Blue Scrims - If you're a more competitive player and enjoyed Red vs Blue gamble, you'll exigency to check this one out. No more grabbing your own loot and spawn camping is gone. Practice brood battling in this condensed arena that also has a rage element. Laser Tag Prop Hunt - This Featured Island allows you to choose the settings for the game before it starts, holding each game fresh. A fair and horseplay conversion of prop search with lots of great celation spots for props. Cops and Robbers - This Featured Island is a unique game way where four cops are severe to prevent 12 robbers from ruption out. This simulation experience state your coordination and sneaking ability to the proof.

It's basically a deathmatch map built using the exact same layout as the original N64 map, but you get the plunger grapple gun, so you can get some crazy jumps, just like the original Smash. Check out that imperiously edited trailer (with plenty of homesickness hits) to get an idea of what it looks like in propose.

While most people probably associate controller aim assist with console players, the situation that has pros complaining is about those plugging a controller into the PC version of the game. There, players noticed long ago that the quality of the aim assist was tied to the game's refresh proportion. More frames per second in the game engine meant more salutary assistance, to the point where serious players were investing in 240Hz monitors to improve their intention help boosts.

Modern Warfare 2 still stand as one of COD's strongest entries, whatever manner you're playing, and now you can play on one of its most infamous delineation. This gun game map does a fairly decent job of recreating the airport map, which is also where the villain Makarov carnage countless civilians and controller to frame the American government.

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