Homeless Women Who Death of Covid-19 in The Hospital

In the city of los angeles ca nurse speak about the homeless women who die of covid-19, well the story goes she had covid-19 with alot back pain,chest pain,hard to breath,
She had red eyes and look very weak barely able to talk.
As the nurse say she  had no family was only child with very bad luck in life her mother die when she was very young and had no support from anyone that how she end up homeless.

On the 3 day inside Hospital: she knew herself she was going to die she talk about how she never really got to enjoy her  life because she had to work most of her life  Into she become homeless she fell a space of freedom She wake up at whatever time and enjoy it .

She had the saddest story i ever hear...

On the 5 day she die of covid-19 
Nurse say i got very emotional cry for days but now it feels like the room hunts me but 
I knew she at peace with god 
Probably living the life she deserves
As she continued her journey thru this world.

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