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Our article gives you full coverage of Joe Biden Childhood Story, Biography Facts, Family, Parents, Early Life, Lifestyle, Wife, Children, Personal Life and other notable events right from when he was a child to when he became popular.Yes, everyone knows Biden is the 47th Vice President of the United States of America. However, only a few have considered reading complete articles of Joe Biden’s Biography like we have. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.Joe Biden Childhood Story:Joseph Robinette Biden (Jr) was born on the 20th day of November 1942 to his mother, Catherine Eugenia Biden and father, Joseph Robinette Biden (Sr) at St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Pennslyvania. Biden is the first of four children born of the union between his parents.Joe Biden’s family at the time he was born suffered several financial setbacks. In order to provide the basic needs of little Biden, his father had to strive so hard to make ends meet. Truth is, Joe Biden’s childhood was devoid of several luxurious infrastructures as his family was no way close to the glorious wealth they once had before his birth. At that time, Joe Biden’s parents weren’t able to afford the newest collections of toys for him.Joe Biden Family Background and Origin:As we’ve said, the family of Biden enjoyed enormous wealth prior to his birth. Biden was born into a middle-class family background, at the time when his family wealth was long gone. As a result of their financial crisis, some of Joe Biden’s family members moved in to live with their maternal grandparents.After struggling so hard in his car dealing business, Biden’s dad finally became a successful car salesman thereby maintaining the middle-class financial status of his family.As regards Joe Biden Family origin, he is an American national of Irish ethnicity, also with German and English family roots. Early on, Joe moved from one location to another as his family sought for an affordable apartment in Delaware, USA. After sealing his spot as a successful car dealer, Biden Sr. and his family finally moved into a house in Wilmington, Delaware.Joe Biden Early Life:Growing up at his birthplace in Scranton (a city in Pennsylvania), Biden had a very tough life like every kid in his environment. He would often get into a fight with his peers and may sometimes end up crying home. Joe Biden’s parents are being credited for raising him up to be tough, hard-working and persevere through trying times. He remarked that his father frequently tells him;“Champ, the measure of a man is not how often he is knocked down, but how quickly he gets up.”Upon his family’s relocation to Wilmington which is the largest and most populous city in Delaware, Biden who was then a skinny kid was always cheerful, someone who is often seen in a happy mood. Being fully aware of his family’s early financial circumstances, Biden was determined to excel in life all in the name of restoring his family’s lost glory.Before we forget… As a child, Biden suffered from stuttering and was mocked by other kids who called him “Dash” and “Joe Impedimenta”. The zealous young lad soon overcame his impediment by reciting long passages of inspirational poetry aloud in front of a mirror.Joe Biden Education and Career Buildup:Biden started his academic pursuit when he was enrolled to study at St. Paul’s Elementary School in Scranton. He soon transferred to study at St. Helena School until he gained acceptance into the prestigious Archmere Academy. Gaining acceptance to study at Archemre Academy was, without doubt, one of the most fulling and euphoric moments in the life of young Biden. Truth was, studying at Archmere Academy had been his life long desire.When he played American Football:While studying in Archmere, Biden joined the school football team and became a standout halfback and wide receiver. Did you know?… His leadership traits were first displayed at the time he led his school team that once suffered consistent losses to an undefeated season.Involvement in High School Politics:Although Biden was not often classified to be part of the brilliant and intelligent students, however, his aura commands obedience thereby portraying him as a natural leader between students. In his Junior and Senior High School days, Biden was elected into the office of class president until his graduation from high school in 1961.Acknowledging the fact that he was better off in handling political issues after assuming the office of the student president, Biden decided to acquire an in-depth knowledge of politics. He further enrolled to study history and political science at the University of Delaware. At this time, he became less focused on his academics in his first two years of enrollment at the university.Joe Biden Biography- Road to Fame:Devoting little time to his academics did not derail him of his political pursuit as his interest in politics grew even more overwhelming.Biden soon enrolled to study Law at Syracuse University Law School after his graduation from the University of Delaware. He was at one of the best Law students thanks to his determination to go the extra mile with studying.Even at that, the journey to fame was never an easy road for Biden. He once failed to reach the required standard in a class for an improper reference citation to a law review article. As learned from his childhood, what seems to be a set-back for Biden may have been one of the catalysts that have steered up his determination to never give in to failure in the future to come.Joe Biden Biography- Rise to Fame:Upon his graduation from Law School in 1968, Biden ventured into fulltime politics and became a member of the Democratic Party while he practices Law in a law firm.In 1970, Biden was elected to the New Castle County Council and thus began the genesis of his professional political career. Did you know?… Biden began to run for the United States Senate at the age of 29. By the time he was 30 years old, he became the sixth-youngest senator in U.S history. He served as the Senator of Delaware for 36 years during which he amassed a wide range of experience especially in the aspect of U.S foreign policy.Fast forward to the time of writing Joe Biden bio, the former vice president has assumed several notable political positions in the United States of America.Being selected as a running-mate with Barrack Obama in the 2008 U.S presidential election which ended up victorious in favour of Obama-Biden ticket is a clear achievement.The 47th Vice President of the United States of America implemented and oversaw the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which saved the U.S economy from crumbling under the effects of a global recession. This heroic act and others have led to several awards, one of which is the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction by Barrack Obama on the 12th day of January 2017.As at the time of writing, the man who is not used to giving up has now announced his candidacy to run for the 2020 US Presidency seat after two failed attempts. The rest, as they say, is history.Joe Biden Wife and Children:Biden did not only sought for a successful life in politics, but he also worked towards attaining a balanced relationship life. In 1964 he met Neilia Hunter whom he befriended and started dating. He loved her so much and spent a lot of time with her as she attended the same University – Syracuse University – with him.Biden’s relationship with Neilia was taken to a whole new level as the love birds tied the knot at a Catholic church in Skaneateles on the 27th day of August 1966.Raising a wonderful family was indeed a great source of joy for Biden as his marriage to Neilia birthed three children namely; Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, Robert Hunter, and Naomi Christina.The Family Turmoil:His joy was blown over the cliff a week before Christmas in the year 1972 when his wife and children got involved in a ghastly car accident. The devastating tragedy killed his wife as well as his daughter and left his two sons severely injured. The tragedy was too much to bear and prompted Biden to consider suicide. He said;“I began to understand how despair led people to just cash in; how suicide wasn’t just an option but a rational option … I felt God had played a horrible trick on me, and I was angry.”Recovering from his tragic experience:The death of his wife and daughter left a mark on Biden who had to cater to the need of his two sons as a single father. He declared December 18 a work-free day for himself in order to commemorate his deceased wife and daughter each year.After three years of losing his wife, Biden’s love life moved on. He met his second wife, Jill Tracy Jacobs in 1975 and married her in 1977.Jill and Biden had met on a blind date which was arranged by Biden’s brother. Jill is well educated, with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware as well as two master’s degrees from West Chester University and Villanova University respectively.Joe Biden Family Facts:Biden has risen to a well respected and important status in America- all thanks to his family who stood by him in times of challenges. In this section, we’ll bring you more facts about Joe Biden’s parents and the rest of his family members.About Joe Biden’s Mother:Catherine Eugenia Finnegan is Biden’s mom. Biden’s mother was concerned about her survival in the world where circumstances were unpredictable and tough. Back then, she would always encourage Joe not to feel intimated by others who felt better off than him. Biden recalls that each time he comes home bullied by one of the bigger kids in the neighborhood, his super hard-core mum would tell him;“Bloody their nose so you can walk down the street the next day!”About Joe Biden’s Father:Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. is Biden’s dad. Biden Sr. worked so hard to ensure the survival of his family in the era of a global recession. His resilience and determination to give his children a better life was a greater lesson to Biden who decided to ensure that all his father’s efforts were not laid to waste. Pictured below is Joe Biden’s dad alongside himself.About Joe Biden’s Siblings:Biden has two younger brothers namely; Francis W. Biden, James Brian Biden, and a younger sister, Valerie Biden. Francis was a real estate developer in the U.S and has been of great support to Biden during his Vice Presidential campaign. He had also leveraged his last name for business purposes calling his last name – Biden – a tremendous asset because of his family’s record of taking care of people who need help.James Biden, on the other hand, started health care which he named James Biden’s health care ventures while Valerie Biden involves in politics in order to support her brother. Biden and his siblings have achieved great heights of success over the years, an achievement that was only made possible as a result of their consistent efforts in achieving the life they dreamed of.About Joe Biden’s Grandparents:Moving on to Biden’s ancestry, his paternal grandfather was Joseph Harry Biden the son of George T. Biden and Mary Emily Lidell. His paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Robinette, the daughter of George Hamilton Robinette and Mary Ann Hanafee.Biden’s maternal grandparents were Geraldine Catherine Blewitt, the daughter of Edward Francis Blewitt and Mary Ellen Stanton and Ambrose Joseph Finnegan, the son of James Finnegan and Catherine Roche.About Joe Biden’s Children:Biden’s marriage to Neilia Hunter gave rise to the birth of three lovely kids, namely; Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III (born in 1969), Robert Hunter (born in 1970), and Naomi Christina (born in 1971). His remarriage to Jill Biden also gave rise to the birth of his fourth child; Ashley Biden.Ashley was born in the year 1981 and is cherished by her parents as well as her older brothers. Another tragedy stroke Biden as he lost one of his surviving sons – Beau – to the cold hands of death on the 30th day of May 2015. Beau who had been battling cancer gave up the ghost at the age of 46. During the tragic incident, Biden stated:“Beau Biden was, quite simply, the finest man any of us have ever known.”Did You know?… Prior to the death of Beau, he was a Delaware Attorney General as well as an Army Judge Advocate who served in Iraq. He had also battled with the brain cancer that killed him for two years before his death.About Joe Biden’s Relatives:Starting off, Biden’s brother, James brian Biden had birthed three wonderful kids. His nephews via James Brian are James Brian Biden Jr. and Nicholas Coleman Biden while his niece via James is Caroline Nicole Biden.Biden also has a nephew named Cuffe Biden Owens who was birthed by his sister Valerie Biden. Furthermore, Biden has four nieces namely; Caroline Nichole Biden, Catherine Eugene Owen, Valerie James Owen, and Alana Jaquet Biden.Biden’s most notable nephew, James Brian Biden Jr. is a DJ. It is worthwhile to note that Biden has never seen his nephew perform in any event despite his exceptionality in the entertainment world. In other to rebuff peoples sentiment as to Biden’s absentia from most of his nephew’s show, James said to The Times;“He has more important things to do at the moment than coming to see me play for now.”Joe Biden Personal Life:What makes Joe Biden tick?… Sit back as we give you information about the personal life of the then U.S Vice President outside his political endeavours. To begin with, Joe Biden’s persona is a blend of Scorpio zodiac traits. He has indeed inherited and exhibited the characteristic of his Zodiac sign.First, Biden is passionate, persistent, strategic, and fearless in the face of challenges. Also to note, Biden’s favorite food is pasta! Although he has refused to disclose his favorite food to the press, it was later noticed that Biden has always requested for a particular menu during one of his speaking engagements.Biden’s interests and hobbies are quite numerous, however, the most mind-blowing amongst his hobbies is swimming. Biden loves to spend most of his free time swimming.Joe Biden Lifestyle:Joe Biden has excelled from the category of being called a middle-class senator to the class of millionaires. He has worked tirelessly to build up his wealth which is currently estimated by Forbes to have a net worth of $9 million at the time of writing.Building his current wealthy status was never an easy job as Biden and his wife had worked hard to earn an estimated $15.6 million between 2017 and 2018 from book royalties and paid speaking engagements.Joe Biden has kept information about his car collection private, however, he has been sited driving his super cool luxurious green 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray on numerous occasions. His Corvette Stingray was a wedding gift given to him by his father.Biden also owns a luxurious mansion worth an estimated sum of $4.7 million in Virginia. It was designed to look like a Mini-White House. The house comprises of five bedrooms, nine baths, a gym, and an in-house sauna.Joe Biden Facts:Before we call it a wrap on Joe Biden’s childhood story and biography, here are lesser-known or untold facts about him.Fact #1: What he did to pay his School Fees:Biden had to work parttime job in other to support his family in affording his tuition fee while study at the prestigious Archmere Academy. He carried out several works such as weeding the gardens and washing his school windows.Fact #2: A Record Breaker:Do you know that Joe Biden was the first Vice President of the United State of America from Delaware. He was also the first Roman catholic to attain the office of the U.S Vice president.Fact #3: Religion:Joe Biden’s parents raised him a Christian and he worships God in the Roman Catholic church. His Roman Catholic religious faith was one of the major reasons why his inlaws were indignant about his marriage proposal to his late wife. However, Joe believes that his faith makes up part of his personality and would never give up his belief for anything.Did you know?… Biden carries a good-luck charm – his rosary – everywhere he goes. He ensures he gets a new rosary each time he misplaces anyone in his possession.Fact #4: Brain Surgeries:The challenges in a man’s life can never be overemphasized no matter how successful he may be. In the year 1988, Biden suffered from two brain aneurysms and needed high-risk brain surgery to treat them. The ailment severed him from fulfilling his duties in the senate for a period of seven months.Conclusion:Thanks for reading our story on Joe Biden and believing in What we are and What we do. Our editors at ChildhoodBiography looked out for accuracy and fairness while putting up Biden’s Bio and youth Story.Kindly place your comments or contact us if you see something that doesn’t look right on this article about the former US Vice President.Joe Biden Biography Wiki Answers Full Name: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Nickname: Joe. Born: November 20, 1942 (age 77 as at March 2020)Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S. Parents: Catherine Eugenia Finnegan (mother) and Joseph R. Biden Sr. (Father). Siblings: Valerie Biden (sister), James Biden (brother) and Frank Biden (brother). Wife: Neilia Hunter (m 1966 - 1977) and Jill Biden. Children: Hunter Biden (son), Naomi Biden (daughter), Ashley Biden (daughter) and Beau Biden (son 1969-2015). Paternal Grandparents: Joseph H. Biden and Mary Elizabeth Robinette Biden. Maternal Grandparents: Geraldine C. Blewitt and Ambrose J. Finnegan. Grandchildren: Natalie Biden (via Beau Biden), Robert Biden II (Via Beau Biden), Maisy Biden (via Hunter Biden), Finnegan Biden (via Hunter Biden) and Naomi Biden (via Hunter Biden). Height: 1.83 meters = 6 feet. Weight: 1.83 m. Education University of Delaware (BA)Syracuse University (JD). Occupation: Politician. Networth: ‎$10 million (2020 figures).

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