McDonald's McRib VS AmPm Arco Ribs Sandwich

The McRib is getting a McRibbing.

An anonymous TikTok user — and supposed McDonald’s employee — who goes by @thatonedepressedginger recently posted a video that claims to show how the popular, limited-edition sandwich is “cooked and stored.”

In the video, as Kreepa’s song “Oh No” plays in the background, gloved hands are shown handling frozen slabs of spackle-gray McRibs before cooking, then placing them rib-side-up on a grill. They later reveal messy warming trays where the sauce-drenched product is reportedly stored.

The poster’s caption uses one word to describe the scene: “Nasty.” The video, which was liked by 85,000 people and shared more than 10,700 times, brought thousands of comments, many from horrified viewers. Feedback ranged from “so we been eating cardboard,” “we eatin bricks now?” and “sir that’s packing foam” to a commenter who asked, “Did anyone eat Salisbury steaks out of a TV Dinner growing up. what’s the different.

AmPm Arco ribs sandwiches

The number one place to get gas ampm arco. Went inside to grab some quick bite and saw bbq rib sandwich sign 2 for 2.22. i wasnt that hungry so grabbed one only. Cashier said $2.42... So i asked if i grabbed two is it 2.22? He said yes.. but he already rang it up so it was too late. I asked can i just grab one more if is the same price? 

The ribs sandwich are the mean reason why people visted Arco AmPm, The topping to choose from  peppers, salt,veggies, you can also add bbq sacue however you like it but is maybe 10x more healther them McDonald's mcribs.

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