Proof 'top-secret US Air Force TR-3B' exists? Mysterious spy plane 'was flown over London'

Referring to TR-3B ASTRA, the side of the triangle  an array of horizontal slot antennas emit electromagnetic waves that have a vertically polarized electric E field. These traveling waves interact with the electric field produced by the line charges on the corners of the triangle.

Using differential forms mathematics, this combination of fields is represented by the antennas zero point of the differential of the waves lines of the two fields. The antenna electromagnetic field is a combination of a traveling magnetic field  and electric field E=A The stationary field E created by the line charges is perpendicular to the traveling wave. * d ⁡ ( E ⋀ ( B w + E w ⋀ dt ) ) ⁢ ɛ c = force volume where ε is the linear capacitance of space and c is the speed of light. Thus there is a force per volume around the hull say scientist bob Lazar the first person to have work for the usa 🇺🇸 in area 51.
Particular Antenna System?
the spacecraft has a hull in the shape of an equilateral triangle. A parabolic antenna (E) is centrally located in the bottom of the hull. An array of horizontal slot antennas is located along the side of the hull (A). Each back corner (F,G) has a corner conducting plate which is charged to a positive voltage +V. The forward corner (C) has a conducting plate charged to a negative voltage −V. A motion control hemisphere (D) is located on the bottom surface in each of the three corners.

A widely-reported appearance(s) of Black triangles involved the "Phoenix Lights" events, during which multiple unidentified objects were observed near Phoenix, Arizona and videotaped by both the local media and residents beginning on Thursday, March 13, 1997. Some of the observed objects/lights appeared to be grouped in a large "V" formation that lingered for several minutes. Some residents reported one of the Black triangles to be over a mile wide, and drifted slowly over their houses blocking out the stars of the night sky.
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