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5 months since Melannie Cruz 0 Comments The Mexican corporation Roomie IT joining the fight "Roomie IT Services" a 100% Mexican company, was the first company development, producing, and selling artificial intelligence robots in Mexico. As a contribution, to the COVID pandemic, which continues to contention the entire the, this company has coordinate its for--existing familiar robot convoke "Roomie Bot" into an aid tool to the galenic sector in management to detect contaminate patients. Mexican entrepreneurs created Roomie Bot 3 years ago. The base speech is Spanish, imagination on the Latin market. This AI shift is a robot for the home, and more than being a practical assistant, this robot can recognize the faces of people with whom he alive and control the electrical devices in the house. Roomie Bot has been prepared to include more features in fashion to help during coronavirus pandemic. This AI robot has been developed to be the first point of contact with potently infected patients and embody many functions that will be very profitable while detecting the virus. The most important features are that the dress moves by itself which will identify and mesh with patients and spaces by its camera, take patients' moderation through an infrared centigrade, and the detection shortness of breath through a sensor. According to Aldo Luevano, the Roomie Bot inventor, and his eleven, suppositive that when they first heard concerning the COVID pandemic, they cooperate with medical experts to coordinate their pre-existing AI robot with the force objective of save galenic workers and patients and avoid the poison spread. Directives of the compact affirmed that a new version of their robot is already done to work in hospitals and medical centers. Many hospitals attempt to test the robot as soon as possible to continue the action against coronavirus. This autonomous robot will be helping by analyzing the patient and their symptoms in order to detect the poison, and by second-hand this puppet, we eschew the spread of coronavirus among the iatrical personal. During this pandemic issue, hospitals and vigor anxiety kernel are very crowded. In mandate to ended basic labor, AI robots would be prepared to record medical chronicle, take temperature and beat, etc. The machines will be helping rocker and teacher to focus on offer galenic diagnoses or more complicated tasks that could not be completed by a robot. Some robots are developed with singular features that give the capacity to stipulate medical diagnose, but we do not in fact trust at all in shape. Related Tags Prev Post Will Facebook and Google be stipendiary for media contented? Next Post TECHNOLOGY HELPING SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS Melannie Cruz 120 inform Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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