Second Stimulus Check Update: Americans Fear Alternatives To Direct Payments As Negotiations Continue


Signs of progress in stimulus talks on Capitol Hill have raise hopes for an economic rescue package before Christmas

With COVID-19 once again surging throughout the United States and many protections that kept Americans in their homes during the pandemic about to expire at the end of the year, the calls for Congress to pass a second stimulus package featuring direct payments have become more fervent. However, with nothing still official as the year draws to a close and reps plan to recess for the holidays, some are beginning to wonder if checks featuring direct payments will ever land in American bank accounts.

Lawmakers are working on a deal to avoid a government shutdown ahead of the break, which is set to include more forms of Coronavirus relief—including plans for a direct payment. However, details of how much those checks could be, or when they would be sent out, remain scarce, with both parties still negotiating on a plan, according to CNN.

The latest amount that has been floated as a potential payment is $600 per person, a 50% decrease from the initial round of $1200 payments that were sent out at the beginning of the pandemic.

However, with faith in Congress’ ability to pass legislation that would help Americans that are still hurting from Pandemic related economic distress low after previous discussions of second payments stalled, many have taken to Twitter to share what they feel the alternative payments will wind up being.

The need for more economic relief for Americans comes as COVID-19 continues to surge throughout the United States, with a rise in cases in nearly all states bringing the country’s totals to nearly 17 million infected and almost 310,000 dead, according to the CDC. However, despite the surge in cases and more Americans fearing what 2021 will bring, Congress has failed to come to an agreement over stimulus payments.

The news of some more potential relief also comes as the first Americans have been inoculated against COVID-19 with doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, and a second vaccine by Moderna has been granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

Signs of progress in stimulus talks on Capitol Hill have raise hopes for an economic rescue package before Christmas Photo: AFP / Olivier DOULIERY
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