Stories about COVID-19: 72-year-old important worker tries to stay healthy while caring for others

Above: Lilia Antazo outdoor her affected person's domestic at the North Side June 1, 2020 in Chicago, Ill. Lilia Antazo for Borderless Magazine.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lilia Antazo changed into usually running. The 72-year-antique Filipino foreigner moved to the USA together along with his spouse and youngest toddler in 2001. Since then, he has labored as a non-public caregiver.

She chefs meals, cleans the residence and buys for her sufferers. She offers them medicinal drug and treats them like her very own mother, consistent with Antazo. But the whole lot modified due to the coronavirus.

Antazo advised Borderless Magazine approximately his existence withinside the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lilia Antazo, a Filipina, has been running as a caregiver for nearly 20 years. He changed into in the front of his domestic in Norwood Park on May 27, 2020 in Chicago, Ill. Previously, he left his puppy in his residence due to the fact he ought to not pay his rent. Pat Nabong for Borderless Magazine.

I usually put on a masks at paintings. I simply cast off it each time I sleep.

Boring at paintings. Boring and frightening. It's frightening due to the fact after I take a bus or teach to paintings, I assume, "What if I get sick?" I changed into so scared due to the fact I had asthma. I am definitely cautious with the whole lot.

Lilia Antazo rides a teach and bus to her affected person's domestic at the North Side May 30, 2020 in Chicago, Ill. Lilia Antazo for Borderless Magazine

Now, my time table is vacant. Previously, I had sufferers however due to COVID-19 I changed into denied employment. Many nonetheless provide jobs however I refuse. I am afraid to journey and socialize with people.

I most effective take care of one affected person at the North Side each weekend.

Lilia Antazo of Lysol sprinkled her footwear on May 30, 2020 in Chicago, Ill. Antazo sprinkled his footwear each time he entered his affected person's residence. “I even have lots of Lysol. When a person else comes, I additionally sprinkle their footwear, ”he stated. Antazo takes Lysol from his residence and places it in his bag. Lilia Antazo for Borderless Magazine.

My affected person is a touch more youthful than me. He is stubborn. I'm simply calm. I began out running there in August after he changed into launched from the hospital. I smooth her kitchen and toilet, vacuum her, velocity up, and water her plants.

When I come to her residence, I supply her medicinal drug, put together breakfast, wash the dishes, alternate the bedding and smooth. I repair her hair after she takes a bath. I might exit and purchase the matters he needed, along with medicinal drug and meals. Sometimes we order meals and once in a while I cook. I haven't any complaints, he's okay.

Lilia Antazo serves breakfast for her affected person May 30, 2020 in Chicago, Ill. Lilia Antazo for Borderless Magazine.

My own circle of relatives needs me to forestall running. But they want to recognize that I do now no longer want to forestall.

So I contend with folks that are cured of coronavirus. Why now no longer? I ought to defend myself. My son is a nurse and he had COVID-19.

I cooked him, folded his clothes, the whole lot. He had his very own toilet and we did now no longer contact his door. I changed into involved however he resisted.

He advised me, "It might be pleasant if my own circle of relatives might contend with me due to the fact I do not believe different people." So I took care of him, and now he's okay.

Lilia Antazo slices mango cake for her affected person May 30, 2020 in Chicago, Ill. He was a bakery withinside the Philippines. "I promised to make him a black woodland cake for his birthday," Antazo stated. Lilia Antazo for Borderless Magazine.

All frontline employees are critical now. I need to assist the ones in want.

To all of the caregivers, I wish you aren't simply running for money. Improve your paintings. Improve your paintings and be considerate and honest. Hope all is properly and the pandemic is over.

I even have many nieces and nephews who provide to attend to me after I develop antique due to the fact I taught them. I assume 5 of them graduated and are already running. The different one is a nurse. The one, the manager, and the alternative has his very own business.

I name them my scholars. They are withinside the Philippines. When I develop antique, I will go back to the Philippines. But my son stated right here in America, I have to live right here and he'll contend with me.

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