Tears and concern in 'Survivors 2020' when informed of the state of alarm for the coronavirus

The agency of 'Survivors 2020' has determined to talk to all of the contestants approximately the nation of alarm for the coronavirus in Spain. The restlessness of all approximately the scenario in their family in our usa has precipitated the disconsolate crying in maximum of them. All of your family have despatched you a video of reassurance.

Lara Álvarez has been in price of transmitting to the contestants the maximum sensitive information withinside the records of the Mediaset Spain 'truth show': the confinement of Spain because of the coronavirus alert. "Surely earlier than beginning your adventures you discovered out approximately a deadly disease that become in China, that is referred to as coronavirus. I actually have to tell you that this virus has reached Spain, the scenario is being managed via way of means of the government and the Ministry of Health," he stated the presenter to the wonder of the participants.

"In Honduras I actually have to inform you that we're in a privileged scenario due to the fact there are infrequently any instances of coronavirus"

"Last Saturday the nation of alarm become decreed in our usa," the communicator persisted, frightening extra surprise reactions in a number of them. "What does the nation of alarm mean? Basically that the Government seizes electricity via way of means of taking awesome measures and controls the unfastened motion of residents in Spain. Everyone is locked up at domestic and those measures are being taken in order that the virus do now no longer retain to unfold, "Álvarez persisted to record at the same time as Fani, Ana María Aldón or Elena broke down in tears.

"All your households are fine, be calm, you'll see information of them, you're going with the intention to have facts and we ask you for facts," the presenter attempted to console the survivors in the Palapa. "As on your scenario in Honduras, I actually have to inform you that we're in a privileged scenario due to the fact there are infrequently any instances of this virus, we also are relying on heat temperatures which preclude the unfold of the coronavirus, we ask you to agree with us, we are able to tell approximately this complete trouble and the nation of your households, "Lara ditched, leaving an picture of the contestants definitely dejected via way of means of the fitness emergency that has constrained a whole usa.

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