Tens of thousands of trees in china Renwu Industrial Park were cut off Gaoshi Economic Development Bureau: Will punish the contractor and demand compensation

"We have a person above" alluding to Biden? Chinese scholars: the center of American strength has our antique pals Zhai Dongsheng stated: "We have our antique pals withinside the center circle of strength withinside the United States." Photo: Dazhi Video / Associated Press During the United States presidential election, Hunter Biden, the second one son of the United States president-decide on Biden, changed into accused through the Trump camp of having "near contacts" with China due to the "e mail scandal" said through the media. 

School of International Relations, Renmin University of China A video of a speech made through Vice President Zhai Dongsheng went viral at the U.S. Internet recently. In this video, whilst he pointed out China’s affect on American strength elites, he stated: "We have a few humans up there." This is interpreted as Beijing and Hang Te have business interests. , Which can affect Washington’s decision-making. After media reports, US President Trump additionally reposted it on Twitter, and the subject of China's involvement in US politics and enterprise changed into all over again discussed. According to a file through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Zhai Dongsheng, called a "member of Xi Jinping’s suppose tank," gave a speech at the problem of "Will China's Financial Opening-up Will Attract the Wolf of Wall Street?" The center of strength has essential affect and may affect america thru enterprise relations. The movie changed into first circulated amongst Chinese exiled Americans and self-media reporters, and later attracted the eye of European and American media. The video changed into later deleted on Weibo in China, and Youtube additionally eliminated it for copyright infringement. Zhai Dongsheng stated withinside the movie that the CCP can sooner or later cope with all of the issues in Sino-US relations. He stated: "The Trump management is combating with us withinside the exchange war. Why can not we deal with the Trump management? Why can the numerous troubles among China and america be settled among 1992 and 2016, and inside months It’s due to the fact we've a person above us. We have our antique pals withinside the center circle of American strength." Zhai Dongsheng additionally stated that withinside the twenty years earlier than the Trump management, numerous issues among China and america may be resolved, inclusive of the Yinhe incident in 1993, the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia through america in 1999, and the South China Sea collision in 2001.

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