The DualSense Wireless Controller review

The DualSense is not only the best controller Sony has ever put its name to, but that rare gaming input device that manages to feel genuinely innovative. A pleasingly sturdier beast than its predecessor, the DualSense outshines the PS4’s DualShock 4 in every conceivable way, finally giving PlayStation owners a controller that rivals Xbox’s offerings. 

It would, of course, be remiss to talk about the PS5 controller without mentioning its killer app – the haptic feedback. Created by the company behind Nintendo’s Joycon HD Rumble, DualSense’s haptic feedback utilizes incredibly precise vibrations to help simulate on-screen happenings by sending intricate reverberations jolting across your hands. From the trickle of water droplets gently pitter-pattering across your palms to the new adaptive triggers’ tangible resistance as you pull back a bowstring, the aptly named DualSense enhances immersion in a pleasingly tactile way.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Sony’s new immersive tech, really, and while the packed in Astro’s Playroom software goes some way to demonstrating its potential, we have no doubt that PS5’s launch games only scratch the surface of what haptic feedback will bring to the table. In an age where most controllers offer iteration rather than innovation, Sony’s DualSense is the rarest of input devices - one that feels genuinely exciting.

DualSense Wireless Controller price and availability
  • DualSense Wireless Controller price: $69.99/£59.99/ AU$109.95
  • Currently only available in white
  • The PS5 DualSense controller is $69.99/£59.99/ AU$109.95, but as you’d expect, every PS5 comes with a controller in the box. If, however, you want to indulge in some local co-op (or need to buy a replacement) you can always nab yourself an extra DualSense.

    While the PS5 is currently completely out of stock worldwide, thankfully the DualSense seems to be largely available in both the US, UK and Australia.

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