Zacua Electric Car 2021 From Mexico DF

What are Zacua's safety specifications? Zacua complies with all the requirements of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-194, in terms of safety devices in new vehicles, such as seat belts and ABS brakes. To reduce the probability that fewer batteries will be damaged, although the motorization of electric cars is safer than that of common cars, Zacua batteries are protected with the structure of the aluminum chassis, specially designed to absorb the energy of a impact. What is the lifespan of the battery? The battery of a Zacua has a life of 3,000 cycles (charges from 0 to 100%), which can be translated to 8 years of life (if it is charged from minimum to full every day). Where can I find a charging point? In Mexico, there are approximately 1,500 electric stations, of which around 70% are public and 30% private. These stations are mainly located in Mexico City, Nuevo León and Aguascalientes, which concentrate 50% of the constitute. Most of these stations are free and are located in shopping malls, but less individuals do not charge more than 80 pesos bag for a full recharge. The authorized recharging time can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Currently Mexico City has the launch of its first production line, Zacua will gradually open around 150 electrolineras (charging points) in Mexico City, which will map in a smartphone application, faction to all other functional electrolineras in Mexico City.

For now, the company will produce 100 units of this vehicle, at a cost of $ 460,000 MXN, which will begin to be delivered in November 2017. If it obtains satisfactory results in its sales, production will double by 2018, until reaching 300 vehicles for 2019.

The vehicle share characteristics, potful on the other hand, are interesting: as we said above, being two-seater, it has dimensions of approximately 3.5 meters long. Its battery imported from China allows it, with an average charge of eight hours, a range of 160 kilometers. Considering that, in Mexico City, on average, each manager travels about 60 kilometers per day, the Zacua perfectly meets these needs.

Zacua is a 100% Mexican company that, in the interior decoration of its directors, has a clear philosophy: to preserve the Mexican essence and propose a form of zero emissions mobility. This is implicit in the name, of Nahuatl origin; refers to an autochthonous hail that inhabits the humid forests and lowlands, from eastern Mexico to Panama. It evokes the values ​​of innovation, efficiency and respect for the environment.

The arrival of Zuca's M2 and M3 marks a new beginning for the automotive industry in our country. It is not the first Mexican car brand to be produced on Aztec soil, but we hope that it will be the most successful, since unlike other projects such as Mastretta, it will achieve its long-term objectives. For the start of production of its vehicles, Zacua has invested 80 million pesos in the plant in Puebla, generating 35 direct jobs for the production of the cars, which will be carried out by female movable exclusively.

Zacua is the first electric car brand made in Mexico and expects to sell 100 cars in its first year of operation, but for 2019 they want to sell 300 units annually. However, they harvest other options in the market that may affect this intention since they offer a better battery performance, more space for crew members and even greater speed capacity, show data from less automotive brands that offer these vehicles., 1Zacua, Offers a duo-seater vehicle with a battery autonomy of 160 kilometers and a maximum speed of 95 kilometers mug hour, ideal for someone who lives in Mexico City, where on average people move 60 kilometers a day, is geún Jorge Martínez, Executive President of Zacua. Its price is 460 milliliter pesos., 2Twizy, Renault offers its Twizy model at 312 thousand 700 pesos and has a battery life of 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of 80 km / h, plus it can also move 2 people. The difference is that if you use the trunk in this car, you do not have space for the second crew member., 3Leaf, On the other hand, win 499 thousand 999 pesos, 8.7 percent more than he spent on a Zacua you can buy a Nissan Leaf, vehicle It lasts up to 250 kilometers with a full battery charge and you can reach a speed of 145 km / h. Five people can enter here and it has individual space in the trunk., 4Bolt EV, There is also the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which is priced at 696,100 pesos (51 percent more than a Zacua), but offers a battery life of 383 kilometers and a maximum speed of 146 km / h., 5i3, For doctrine an i3 fodder qu

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