Apple's CEO, 5G is a patchwork quilt that is strong in China, US and weaker in Europe

According to iphone CO-Owner, Apple's CEO, 5G is a patchwork quilt that is strong in China, US and weakest in Europe.

New Apple's iPhone sales last quarter were aided by the first-time adoption of 5G networks, the Sales in China benefited, CEO Tim Cook said during a conference call with analysts on Wednesday evening after a report of much stronger than expected sales and earnings for the first quarter of fiscal year.

 iPhone sales in China had slowed sooner than the disclosing of the iPhone twelve in October delayed, Cook aforementioned as several Chinese customers were awaiting the 5G model. "Remember, 5G is in China - the network is well established," said Cook. Also: Apple chief operating officer Cook says that the iPhone currently includes a base of over a billion installed. "And the vast majority of phones sold are 5G phones. And I think there was some level of anticipation for us to ship an iPhone with 5G. And so, the iPhone did very well. " Apple's iPhone 12, launched in early November, is the first version of the company's device to have 5G wireless network connections. Cook declared that China and also the North American nation each have additional advanced 5G networks which the world one 5G market a number of this is often a patchwork quilt: If you look at the 5G rollout in Europe, it's true that Europe is not in the place of - certainly nowhere near China and nowhere near the US. But there are other regions where 5G is, which has very good coverage, like Korea is an example, so the world, I would describe it right now, is more of a patchwork quilt.

 There are places where there are really excellent There are places where, within a country that is very good, but not from a national point of view, and then there are places that have not really started yet, Latin America is nearer to last. . of opportunities sooner than us there. and that i think Europe is wherever there are 5G deployments there. i believe most of that growth is maybe before folks there as well. Total Apple iPhone sales destroyed $ 65.6 billion within the quarter, a rise of 17%, year-over-year, and well on top of Wall Street sales expectations of roughly $ sixty billion. Apple stopped reporting iPhone unit sales last year, but Wall Street is compiling its data. Analysts have been writing about record quarterly sales, with an average estimate of 76 million iPhones sold. Cook told analysts on the call that Apple's total installed base of iPhones surpassed the 1 billion mark last quarter. Macs and iPads total 1.65 billion, he said.
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