Dogecoin now available on Ethereum for DeFi users Dogecoin is now available as renDOGE on the Ethereum network

Dogecoin now available on Ethereum for DeFi users Dogecoin is now available as DOGE on the Ethereum network, opening up a whole new world of crypto community opportunities. 
 Soloscoin marked 1: 1 in USD, with its Dogecoin.

The Dogecoin community can now hold DOGE while using and participating in DeFi at the same time. The ecosystem.


DeFi project Ren announced a new feature of its partnership with OpenDAO yesterday: DOGE on the Ethereum network. .

 “If you are a Dogecoin investor and stay on a project for a long time, you can successfully take out a loan of your $ DOGE, all made possible by OpenDAO,” says the Ren.

DeFi one while using it as collateral for DeFi products and contracts.

renrenDOGE is a ERC-20 coin that will soon be used to make solidcoins. "Once OpenDAO's checks are complete, users will soon be able to put their yuan as collateral to mint a dollar-pegged stablecoin," Ren.


. It is thought that Elon Musk's recent Dogecoin tweets could be the reason behind a renewed interest in DOGE.

 With the Dogecoin project suddenly back in prominence, the timing couldn't be Better for a real application. connecting DOGE with DeFi.

 As Ren pointed out in his blog post, “Dogecoin is no longer a coin meme; it is now a viable financial instrument in its own right. ”

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