Dogecoin Rises As Reddit Traders Look To Cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin Rises As Reddit Traders Look To Cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin rose 142 percent after users were frozen on Reddit from stocks like GameStop and AMC.

Even a literal joke cryptocurrency is rising thanks to new power from retail investors in internet message boards.

The price of Dogecoin - a Bitcoin alternative named after an internet dog meme - 142 percent on Thursday after users on Reddit boards started spurring each other after being frozen out of stocks like GameStop and AMC.
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This "Short Seller Just Received A $ 2.75 billion bailout" With all of this, anyone would like to try and start a Dogecoin rally ????? ?

 "One Reddit user wrote on Wednesday." It's really cheap and not that difficult to do. “
 In the hours that followed, Dogecoin invented an altcoin that was invented in 2013 by two programmers who wanted to mock the crypto. The market's value soared due to the dizzying trading volume, increasing its market cap to $ 2.42 billion.In December, Tesla CEO short squeeze folk hero Elon Musk tweeted "One word: Doge," triggering a 20 percent rally. See if the "Reddit Rally" has staying power. 

 "Doge is what people buy if they want to make a statement," warned a cryptocurrency trader. "It's so cheap it can make it move so easy, that's why pranksters love that. 
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