Donald Trump fears his days will be counted after this leak from John Bolton

Donald Trump fears his days will be counted after this leak from John Bolton 

President Donald Trump reveals corruption on the left and all charges following a fake denunciation trial 

 counting days until exempted, but for Trump one new revelation ends everything. 

 And Donald Trump counts his days after this leak from John Bolton 

 For weeks, the corrupt politician on the left has manipulated the system to denounce President Donald Trump. 

 And a fraudulent trial in a house with Republicans Trump was accused of two charges because he was not allowed to call his witnesses afterwards or protect himself from the planted witnesses on the left. 

 Both the Republican Party and the President have this trial a farce. Knowing that, he is eagerly awaiting a trial in the Senate where Trump was. 

 But now, rumors of a leaked manuscript written by a former national security , John Bolton of Byden has been in Trump for days. Leaks from Bolton's new book blame the president, according to 

 sources afraid to be counted. Among the four 
40a books, Bolton's evidence linking the president's withholding of funds to Ukraine to foreign investigations Former Vice President Joe Byden and his son Hunter Byden, who are alleged to have, (the latter was tied to a Ukrainian oil company). 

 This is evidence that the Left was very eager to seek. 

 The left, led by Adam Schiff, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, and house speaker Nancy Pelosi, has mercilessly blocked any efforts Republicans have made to defend the president. 

 And now I think they have all the evidence needed to blame Trump. At the 

 House, they acted as they wanted the Republicans to call witnesses, but now they're blocking that too. .

 Bolton's leaked book has nothing to blame the president for not committing a crime. The story that connects President Trump and Ukraine was yet another forged story to assemble him for a crime he did not commit. They know that the era of power is over, and that Trump is changing the country forever. 
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