Ethereum, Cosmos, FTX Tokens: For a week of on January 28, the bigger cryptocurrency market

Ethereum, Cosmos, FTX Tokens: For a week of 
 on January 28, the bigger cryptocurrency market saw its bullish momentum decline. As bitcoins continue to trade at the $32k level, many altcoins in the market have also seen a lot of sideways. 

Ethereum [ETH] 

Ethereum traded at $1,266.8 at the time of the press, and ETH posted a minor adjustment close to 2% on the price chart in 24 hours. At the time of the press, the coin has spent 24 hours. Trading volume of $38 billion, market cap of $146 billion 

 For most of the month, the coin traded between the immediate resistance of $1,436 and the immediate support of $1,128, while the other two strong levels of support were $932. And if a bearish trend led to another price correction, the technical indicator for $739.

 ETH gave mixed signals. The MACD indicator showed weakness after the signal line crossed the MACD line, and while still at press time, the RSI is getting closer to the overbought area, indicating that there may be some momentum in the coin price. The 

ETH was recently in the news after investor documents revealed that Galaxy Digital plans to launch an ETH-focused fund next month. If the price fell by more than 14% last week and the coin continued to recover strongly, it would have to violate two major resistance levels of $ 8.4 and $ 9, but evaluated if the price settled before and after the press time. And if a downtrend occurs, it can rely on the press time price range to provide a little support 

EMA ribbon settles around the ATOM press time transaction price and avoids further decline in value In addition, the RSI indicator is in the neutral zone. 

 FTX Token [FTT] 

 After the sharp price cut on January 21, FTT is trading almost sideways according to the chart on the 1st. The value of the coin at the time of pressing was $ 2. 8, the cryptocurrency's market capitalization of $ 917 million, in order to get out of this range, the FTT must break through the resistance of $ 10.6, and in case of failure, rely on the support of $ 9, the price of .

Bollinger Bands, the band narrowed off the chart. It has since highlighted the low volatility of the market, and the Stochastic indicator suffered a bearish crossover in the same direction towards the oversold area at press time. He covers the US and Indian markets and is an English Literature graduate student with about 4 years teaching experience in Indian literature. 
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