Jim Belushi talks about marijuana farming and how it helps with the trauma of losing John

Jim Belushi talks about marijuana farming and how it helps with the trauma of losing John
 Five years ago, Jim Belushi left Hollywood to start a new life as a farmer - a marijuana farmer. But aspiration is not just an excuse to have your own. As Belushi recently told Newsweek, cannabis has helped him on his personal "path of healing" to cope with the trauma of his brother's death legal marijuana farm in Oregon. Courtesy of Belushi's Farm

His brother, of course it was the legendary John Belushi. John, who died of a drug overdose in March 1982, would have turned 72 on January 24th. Jim spoke to Newsweek about his brother's honor and what goes into growing legal marijuana, the latter can be seen on Growing Belushi, a reality show about Belushi's farm that premiered on the Discovery Channel last August. year old Jim Belushi is not a passionate cannabis breeder. He calls himself a "microdoser" who only enjoys a shot of weed at a time, in addition to a light dose of an edible to help him sleep. It's also not entirely true to say that he has turned his back on Hollywood, although he has become more selective in the roles he accepts. (David Lynch fans should note him for his recurring role in the 2017 Twin Peaks revival. ) 

 Read Newsweek's conversation with Belushi below. This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

How did you first move to Oregon? 

A friend of mine had a beautiful property on the Rogue River that I used to visit. One day I was naked in the river. I came out like a baptism, knowing I had to find some land. I bought that old picnic spot at Elks Lodge that was falling apart and when my neighbor died I bought his property too.

What inspired you to start a marijuana growing business? 

 Well, I suddenly had 93 acres of land. What are you doing with it? And that year, cannabis became legal for recreational use in Oregon. "

 I read that one of the strains you grow is the same one smoked on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s. Is that true? 

 Yes, that's right. Danny Aykroyd told me about it. When I decided to grow cannabis, he said:" You'll need Captain Jack. "

 [Ed.  Note: Captain Jack is a notorious cannabis breeder who allegedly supplied SNL in the 1970s. ] 

Is this your favorite Belushi farm variety? 

 I have another one that I like very much. I will tell you a story. I went down the stairs one night after a long day. My wife said, “Let's go eat something. What do you fancy?  I said I wanted a cheeseburger and she said, "It's a bit hard for me. Something else? "

 I said:" What about some sushi? "  She said, “I had sushi with my mom yesterday. Everything else?" I say, "What are you wasting my time on?"  I go upstairs furiously and take a hit of what I called a cherry pie.  I went downstairs and said, "Honey, we can go to Taco Bell, as long as you're sitting across from me."  Now I call this strain "the marriage counselor." “

Growing Belushi has been a success for Discovery. Do you know if there will be a second season? 

 Yes. There will be some. It will likely be released in late summer or fall of this year. 

When did you first learn about the medicinal properties of cannabis? 

 Well, I grew up because of agriculture for the first time. I put my car on the street for personal gigs at various pharmacies people to get in. So I walk down the line, pat people on the back and have them take a picture with me or whatever. I walk up to a man who is looking at me and I couldn't pass him. 

I stopped and said, "Hey man. How are you? Are you okay?"  He said, "I was a medic in Iraq. I've seen things happen to the human body that no one should ever witness, I have what they call triple PTSD, I don't know what it means, all I know is that they gave me a bottle of 600 OxyContins. my PTSD is so bad that I couldn't talk to them and I couldn't sleep. Your Black Diamond OG [a strain on Belushi's farm] is the only strain that helps me talk to my wife, kids, and I sleep. "

Und he tore himself open and the fucker hugged me so tight. And I said," Hey, man. I didn't make it! "And he said," No, but you're a flight attendant. "  It was a paradigm shift for me and cannabis 

 Dan Aykroyd recently claimed that if John Belushi remained an idiot he would still be alive today. 

 Yes, he would. how to honor him? I didn't know what we were shooting and the shit about John has come
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