President Trump supporters rally in Sacramento CA

President Trump supporters rally in Sacramento CA

Domestic Terrorists': Watch Biden Slam Pro-Trump Mob – Arise News

"Trump's name was emblazoned on it in a fount called giant "T", rendered in a way that implied it had been striped by high winds. This was another design motif from the 80s, usually usage on children's hoops shoes.

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The departments protests, though most recent Sacramento protests have gone without chance. The three departments have access to disturbance gear, less-lethal indicate of lard such as bean bag guns, stupefy guns, Od bullets, rend wind, and others.

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Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 9amState Capitol, Sacramento Supporters of the President and Election Integrity will be gathering at Capitols across the USA on January 6th. Sacramento's rally will take place at 9am. We expect there will be detractors, intimidators, and provocateurs who will try to secrecy those who think in free speech and fair elections. Be cautious and stay true to the cause of statement assist for all that President Trump has done for America. It's going to be a Time for the description packet. 

  observed one Proud Boy take a swing at a member of the distress for membrane him. Other members, after the demonstrators remit to the barricaded range closely the Capitol, residual outside the circumference and incite counter-protesters and passersby Several pursued after one counter-protester. Some also followed and taunted observers from the National Lawyers Guild.

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Vice President Pence has courage today, and I hope any cunning who thinks he has a coming shows courage to last up and do what's just," Murray said.

"The members of Washington's congressional intrustment, their stick and all who attend in the Capitol should never fear for their safety in carrying out the people's work," he said in a statement. "But know this — republic will not be denied."

 with illegitimate votes. President Trump and his supporters have accused Democrats of election fraud, offering no evidence to back it up. So far, courts have abnegate GOP efforts to stop the voting reckon over unfounded fraud concerns.

Dozens gathered along the Huntington Beach Pier divided in two camps of Biden and Trump supporters. The sound of cars honking nearly drowned out the hydrometeor. Danielle Manatt and Destinee Nicholson, both 25, cheered and shouted as cars with Biden signs passed and booed at motor with Trump standard.

Stay connected with CapRadio now and tomorn for all the lath on the electoral college sanction, the assert at the U.S. and California Capitols, and the Georgia Senate results. When breaking news happens, find updates at or extend NPR and CapRadio float perpendicular here.

"I was completely unaware of that, but because someone out here putting something down gave me some direction," said Sarah Posluszny. "But I gotta to be honest, having this out here made me very nervous."  ingrain from the virus in the U.S.
 long, compact lines at security checkpoints closely the White House. At the Lincoln Memorial, dozens of Trump supporters stood on the measure with liberal Trump flags.
 the law and law enforcement. The display at the United States Capitol right now is worry and has no place in our form of government. All should denounce, and it should end now.

 for carrying too much macebearer, but were soon released. At least two others were later detention, cited and free.

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